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NBA Playoff All GIF/Haiku Review

Breaking down each playoff series haiku style, with our staff wide prediction for each series.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

With the playoffs already underway, we here at GBB wanted to break down each series haiku style and then give out staff prediction for each series.  Today will be every playoff series except Spurs and Grizzlies, which will be tomorrow.

Eastern Conference

1) Cleveland Cavaliers vs 8) Detroit Pistons

Stan Van Gundy got

Dem Boys in Detroit cookin'

Bron still the king tho


Staff Prediction: Cavs in six

2) Toronto Raptors vs 7) Indiana Pacers

Drake,  Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake

Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake

Kyle Lowry, Drake


Staff Prediction: Raptors in five

3) Miami Heat vs. 6) Charlotte Hornets

Picking an upset

Glad one of us made it

Miss you Courtney Lee


Staff Prediction: Hornets in six

4) Atanta Hawks vs. 5) Boston Celtics

Hawks have the talent

But Boston has the best hair

Lettuce always trumps


Staff Prediction: Boston in six

Western Conference

1) Golden State Warriors vs. 8) Houston Rockets

This series is like

The Death Star and Alderaan

Hope they rest  players


Staff Prediction: Warriors in four

3) Oklahoma City Thunder vs 6) Dallas Mavericks

Basketballl is fun

Til KD's a Warrior

Might as well go home


Staff Prediction: Thunder in five

4) Los Angeles Clippers vs. 5) Portland Trailblazers

The best outcome here

Neither wins a single game

But F@$% the Clippers


Staff Prediction: Portland in seven

Tomorrow will be our preview/predictions for Grizzlies/Spurs.  Till then...enjoy the games.