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Recapping the Enemy: The View From San Antonio

The Memphis Grizzlies lost 106-74 to the San Antonio Spurs in Game 1 of the 2016 Western Conference Quarterfinals. What did Spurs' fans think of the game?

Pre-game views

- We should appreciate the position were in. this is pretty much the same roster that won the title in 2014... but now we have LMA. Hopefully green and patty can get back to knocking down shots. We should especially appreciate it after what happened last year.

- I was surprised to learn that Kawhi and M. Barnes work out together in the off season.

- Everyone respects the Spurs. The only team I can see any animosity between is Spurs and OKC. They say nice things about each other but you get the feeling that they hate the OKC players.

In-game views

- If you turn it over vs MEM, that is the only way they can stay in games. Stop turning it over.

- Danny Green AWESOME DEFENSE. Vince Carter spin move and dunk attempt... lol @ Spursfans saying "elite defense" regarding this loser.

- Vince OWNS Danny for some odd reason.

- Trying to be excited for this game..... We crush them or it's a let down.

- Love when LMA is this aggressive.

- I want to see Leonard become a leader out there. Just hanging around the 3 pt line isn't going to cut it. Show some dominance.

- Leonard slam!!!!!!!!!

- Simple, Tony and Manu no longer threats to drive and score. They used to open up everything.

- Simple, Tony and Manu no longer threats to drive and score. They used to open up everything.

- Nice finish to the half.

- Are the Spurs just that good to be up 11 after that first half or is Memphis just that bad/injured?

- LMA beautiful shot.

- Can't even hate on Vince Carter. Took a smaller role in his veteran years and didn't complain.

- Manu going ham with the bench.

Post-game views

- Spurs win. Never in doubt tbh.

- Slow start, but found their groove. Good stuff...can't wait until game 2.

- Nothing we can really take away - great job in the 2nd half. Just need to see them loose, crisp on offense and finding their shot.

- This doesnt even feel like a playoff game. Smdh. Hopefully the grizz can atleast give san antonio a fight in one of their games in Memphis so they can practice tense.situations.