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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Toronto Raptors

Grading out the individual performances in yesterday's hard fought but futile loss to the Canadian Dinosaurs.

The Grizzlies gave it their all, and their all just wasn't enough against the #2 seed in the East.

There were definitely some mental lapses and questionable coaching decisions (why, why on God's green Earth is Birdman closing that game??), but Memphis gave more than enough effort to gut out a win yesterday. And even that couldn't cut it.

This is the reality now. This version of the Grizzlies just doesn't have the talent.

Fare thee well, #5 seed. Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, right? RIGHT?!?




Jordan Farmar: 26 min, 12 p, 2 r, 2 a, 2 s, 1 b, -11

Starting to sense a trend from Farmar -- looks reasonably effective on offense, even hitting some big shots. But gets completely and utterly exposed on the defensive end. Didn't have a prayer against former Grizzly and confirmed human bulldog Kyle Lowry.



Tony Allen: 22 min, 10 p, 5 r, 2 a, 3 s, 1 b, -16

Tony. Tony, Tony, Tony... It is so glaringly obvious when he isn't motivated or healthy. Right now, it's both. He's wreaking havoc, but not his usual good kind. Made an absolutely bone headed play near the end of the game that turned possession over to the Raptors and ended any reasonable hope of a Memphis comeback.



Matt Barnes: 27 min, 2 p, 4 r, 1 a, -18

Continuing his recent stretch of putrid play, Joerger would have been better off letting Barnes rest in this one. He's playing too many minutes and looking very, very old.



Zach Randolph: 29 min, 16 p, 4 r, 3 a, 1 s, -19

Z-Bo shouldering the load on offense has decreased his effectiveness on the boards and on defense. It's showing forth in his +/- numbers. There's also this:



Chris Andersen: 20 min, 3 p, 5 r, 1 s, 1 b, -11

And thaaaaaaaaat's why Birdman hadn't been playing for Miami all season. He is never going to thrive in a starter's role or minutes. Might be effective coming off the bench for a few shorts bursts per game, but this is asking way too much of him at this point in his career.


B (1st half) / D (2nd half)

Lance Stephenson: 29 min, 12 p, 3 r, 4 a, 1 b, +10

A tale of two Lances. A strong effort and, somewhat, output in the first half. Played aggressively but within himself, throwing down some nasty dunks and making a bunch of hustle plays.

Different story in the second half, when he kept trying to force things that weren't there. Live and die by the Lance is going to yield lots of losses without other contributors to make up for his shortcomings.



JaMychal Green: 28 min, 10 p, 7 r, 2 s, 2 b, +7

A solid game from Mr. Green, who played his butt off on the boards in the absence of our other big guys. It's great how comfortable he is down low or on the perimeter, playing whatever role the situation calls for.



Xavier Munford: 22 min, 12 p, 2 r, 3 a, 1 s, +7

Well hey now, young fella! Great game out of Munford, who hit a bunch of shots leading to a career high 12 points. Also looked decent filling in at back up point guard, with the rotating turnstile of 10-day guys continuing to turn.



Vince Carter: 19 min, 10 p, 6 r, 1 a, 1 s, +14

Old man Carter looked good against his former team, hitting a few threes and doing some solid work on the glass. Becoming more and more plausible that the Grizzlies keep him next year, perhaps?



Jarell Martin: 18 min, 8 p, 4 r, 2 s, 1 b, +17

Love, love, LOVE that Martin is getting this many minutes now and looking even better than competent in them. His nose for when to cut into the paint is encouraging and suggests a strong basketball IQ foundation. Plus, he's strong enough to bang with even veteran post players. Feeling very encouraged about his prospects heading into next season.



Ryan Hollins: DNP, CD




Head Coach Dave Joerger

Overall didn't coach a horrible game. His decision to take out the thriving bench lineup for the rickety starters wasn't completely indefensible, but was straight out of the Lionel Hollins Coaching Guidebook & Almanac, circa 1979.

Memphis Forever


The Grindhouse Crowd: 17,077 announced attendance (94% capacity)

Not a bad showing from the crowd for a weekend game against a good opponent. Got loud when it was warranted and was rightfully incensed at the officiating.