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So...Which Grizzlies Are Coming Back Next Season Part Two: "The Leftovers"

Part one covered some starters. So which of the other Grizzlies will be back next season?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed part one of our staff confidence discussion, here it is.

What happens with the rest of the Grizzlies' free agents-to-be?

Lance Stephenson

Status: Team Option

Last Season's Salary: $9mil

Staff Confidence: 40%

Matty B: I am totally and completely 50/50 on Lance.  When he was traded here, I was so for him getting cut and spending the rest of the season somewhere else. But he is a unique offensive talent that the Grizzlies have not had in a while: a guy who can just create offense. I think whether the team picks up his option or not will say a lot about what their plans for free agency are for next year.

Joe Mullinax: 35%- 5% chance on his Team Option being exercised. He may return on a multi-year deal for less/non-guaranteed money though. He seems to fit in well here, which is both hilarious and sad.

Joe Witherwax: 40% I don't think there's any way the team picks up his option, but he played very well in Memphis and fit well with the second unit. Could definitely see him back on a different contract, but Lance is so unpredictable that it's hard to tell what he will do.

Austin Reynolds: 50% I really don't know what to think of this one.

Kevin Yeung: 15%. Meh. Not a fan, and definitely not before exploring other options in free agency with that team opt-out money.

Wes George: 50%. Probably the toughest call of the bunch. The option, a long term (but cheaper) contract, and letting him walk are all within the realm of possibility. A lot will depend on how the rest of the wing market shakes out this summer.

Corban Ford: 50%. He is intriguing. I definitely feel he can come off the bench as a spark plug and help the second unit. I see it being a 50/50.

P.J. Hairston

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Last Season's Salary: $1.2 mil

Staff Confidence: 5%

Corban Ford: 20% He's not afraid to shoot the three. He doesn't make it as much as he should for someone who chucks it up so much, but he is definitely not afraid to shoot the three. And on this Grizzlies team I think that makes for a possible re-signing.

Wes George: 10%. This would be higher if the Grizzlies were allowed to offer him more, but funky cap rules only allow them to offer something like $1.2 million. Some dumb GM will pay him more than that.

Kevin Yeung: 0%. Didn't think he was much of a player in Charlotte, don't think he's a player now. He's the new Hornets-era Lance.

Austin Reynolds: 5% Yuck.

Joe Witherwax: 3% I think he's terrible, but lots of people see upside so they might give him a crack at the roster. I think he'd have to work really hard, and I haven't seen that kind of work ethic. Also, 3% is his actual 3 point percentage for the month of March.

Matty B.- 0% With Ryan Hollins off the team at the end of the year, this guy was the worst player on the team.  Potential...but...not...that....good.

Xavier Munford

Status: Team Option

Last Year's Salary: $28,000 (partial season)

Staff Confidence: 74%

Joe Mullinax: 50%. 100% chance he is in their Summer League/Training Camp, but it will come down to the development of Andrew Harrison as to whether or not he sticks, as well as their draft pick/free agency work addressing back-up point/combo guard.

Joe Witherwax: 60% He's undersized as a 2 and doesn't really have point guard skills. He can shoot and defend though, which is valuable. He works best in a lineup with someone like Lance to handle the ball more. With that non-guaranteed contract, he seems like an ideal end-of-the-bench guy.

Austin Reynolds: 60% He could turn into something. Give him a shot.

Kevin Yeung: 100%. Makes too much sense to bring him back. Team option next year is for less than $1 million.

Wes George: 75%. Less a reflection of how good he is than how cheap he is and what our other options at the minimum for a 3rd point guard would be.

Corban Ford: 80%. He has potential as a possible combo guard off the bench and can be signed for a bargain, so I think he'll be back

Matty B: 90%  I like him and I think the team likes him, but there's a better than average chance he might get cut for next years version of "Booty Call"

Jordan Farmar

Status: Free Agent

Last Season's Salary: $112,000 (partial year)

Staff Confidence: 1%

Corban Ford: 5%. He was just a placeholder at point guard, and a poor one at that. This hurts me to say as a Lakers fan, but the Grizz take center stage and he just didn't perform enough for them in this stint.

Wes George: 5%. He was just a stop gap. Not a part of the long-term plan.

Austin Reynolds: 0% lol.

Joe Witherwax: 0% Also roughly his chances of staying in the league. He can shoot some but is a liability in every other way.

Matt Hrdlicka: Imaginary percentage that is somehow 0^0th power

Matty B: Nope

Joe Mullinax: Thanks for playing. Services are no longer required.