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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Orlando Magic

Grading out the individual performances in yesterday afternoon's 119-107 drubbing at the hands of the Magic.

The Grizzlies are broken.

It is now a very real possibility that this team finishes .500 for the season and misses the playoffs. Just look at the remaining schedule:

Remaining Schedule

An alternate view of that finishing stretch:


(Sorry Steve Buscemi...)

Outside of maybe the Bulls on Tuesday, do you see any wins in that stretch? With 10 days remaining in the regular season, Memphis still stands as the five seed in the West. It's possible that they could finish the season on an 11 game losing streak and miss the playoffs for the first time in half a decade.

Basketball is a cruel mistress.



Jordan Farmar: 14 min, 2 p, 3 a, 1 s, -7

Farmar is not a very good basketball player. There, I said it.



Tony Allen: 14 min, 10 p, 6 r, 1 a, -8

It's becoming painfully (ha!) obvious that Tony is playing hurt. Like many of our banged up Grizzlies he's trying to gut it out, but he just isn't effective at the moment.



Matt Barnes: 36 min, 24 p, 5 r, 1 a, 1 b, -13

Ol' Jeckyl n' Hyde Barnes messing with us again. After a couple of games in which he might as well have been asleep, he suddenly woke up and went 5-10 from three.



Zach Randolph: 32 min, 15 p, 7 r, 7 a, -1

30 year old Z-Bo could single-handedly stop this losing streak. 34 year old Z-Bo cannot. He's tryin' his darndest, but it just isn't enough. Sorry that you're having to endure this, Zach.



Chris Andersen: 16 min, 2 p, 3 r, -25

Poop Emoji



Xavier Munford: 34 min, 10 p, 2 r, 1 a, 2 s, -5

The headless wonder doesn't play like roster filler. He looks like a real player. Makes you wonder if they'll try to keep him heading into next season.



JaMychal Green: 30 min, 11 p, 10 r, 3 a, 1 b, -2

Green nabs his seventh double double of the season in this losing effort. What's the downside of him starting? I get that he provides a spark off the bench and this is his ideal role anyway, but "ideal" is so far from our reality right now that we've got to maximize his contributions.



Vince Carter: 24 min, 13 p, 3 r, 2 a, 1 s, -6

He isn't anywhere near as inefficient and hasn't created the same circus, but Kobe and VC are playing similar roles right now: liberal chuckers for bad teams. Filling up the box score but not in the best of ways.



Lance Stephenson: 23 min, 11 p, 4 r, 3 a, 1 b, -4

Haven't seen much of "meh" Lance so far in Memphis. Thus far he's been pretty bipolar as either "Good Lance" or "Bad Lance." But this was just kind of lackluster. Not a "pick up the option" game.



Jarell Martin: 16 min, 7 p, 6 r, 1 a, +11

Another solid outing from the rook. It's no longer a pleasant anomaly that he belongs on the court -- the Grizzlies now need to plan around his contributions heading into the off-season. One of the few positive developments as of late.



Head Coach Dave Joerger:

If, IF, Memphis loses the rest of these games (God forbid), anyone who calls for CDJ's head on a stake is crazy. No one -- not Red Auerbach, not Phil Jackson, not Gregg Popovich, no one -- could win NBA games with this duct-taped together roster.



Memphis Twitter

First off, Memphis twitter is a thing. Secondly, it has been off its game recently. I think everyone has resorted to holing up in their hovels in lieu of commenting on this sad excuse for a professional basketball team.