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Grizzlies Sign Xavier Munford for the Rest of the Season

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

According to Shams Charnia of Yahoo's The Verticle:

Amongst all of the Grizzlies ten day contract signees, Munford has been the most consistent.  Munford has played in ten games with the Grizzlies this season, averaging six points and one assist in 14 minutes.  His playing time and production has gone up, scoring in double figures in two of the last three games and upping his playing time (17 minutes last night against Chicago, 33 against Orlando on Sunday, and 22 against Toronto on Friday). brings up an interesting point about the Grizzlies roster going forward.

Still, it’s unclear whether the Grizzlies would be allowed to carry extra roster spots in the postseason as they’ve done since last month via the hardship provision, so the fate of some Memphis players is unclear. The Grizzlies currently have 16 players, one over the usual limit, and that doesn’t include Munford.

So it appears that the roster moves may not be quite done yet.  Even if Bryce Cotton's contract is not renewed, someone else may have to go.

To be continued???