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Ryan Hollins Has Been Waived (Again)

As the season winds down, the Grizzlies say goodbye to the best nickname on the team in quite a while.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

In order to make room for Xavier Munford on the roster, the Memphis Grizzlies have released Ryan Hollins.

Per Chris Vernon

In 32 games, the 7'0" journeyman center had averaged 3.6 points, 2.7 rebounds, and .6 blocks per game in  12.9 minutes per game.

This should not come as a shock to anyone who has been watching the Grizzlies as of late.  Hollins, a starter in nine games this season purely out of necessity, has seen his minutes shrink over the past few games.  He played 20 minutes against the Spurs on March 28th, and since then his minutes have sharply declined (4:51, DNP-CD, 0:46, and 0:20).

Hollins has had an interesting year in the league despite some less than impressive numbers.  He was signed as a training camp invite in September by the Grizzlies, released the day before the season began in favor of Jarnell Stokes.  Hollins was signed to two ten day contracts with the Washington Wizards in December before resigning with the Grizzlies on December 29th, when the Grizz waived Russ Smith to make room for him on the roster.   Hollins was waived by the Grizzlies on January 7th, resigned to a ten-day contract January 21st, and a second ten day on February 1st before signing a contract for the remainder of the season on March 2nd.

Thanks to a very candid Tony Allen we learned that the Grizzlies call Hollins "Booty Call,"  which we may or may not have had anything to do with.

Barring another injury this will probably be the last roster move by the Grizzlies, except for what to do about Bryce Cotton as his ten day contract expires soon.