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Expletive Deleted: Grizzlies fall short to Warriors

What a night! The mismatched Grizzlies nearly put it on the Golden State Warriors tonight, falling a Lance Stephenson "jump shot" short,

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Well...well...well....wasn't that something.

In the face of quite possibly the worst home court advantage Memphis has had since the Lakers would come to the Forum  in the late 2000's, this shorthanded, busted up, and never say die Grizzlies team pushed the Golden State Warriors to the brink.

Usually in the face of a loss I would save this space for making fun of the Warriors, like how someone should teach Steph Curry about mouthpiece hygiene, or how Draymond Green looks like Donkey from Shrek, or how Mark Jackson is soo salty he was practically rooting for the Grizzlies to win tonight.

It's a bit like hurling insults at the Death Star from Alderaan.

But sometimes this isn't that effective.  Sometimes when there was such a tremendous effort given by guys who, while professional basketball players, are not of the same talent and confidence level of this Warriors team.

We can talk about how bad that last possession was, how Lance probably got fouled, and dissect just what was that last shot.  We can talk about how ZBo got worked most of the night, how veteran leader Jordan Farmar barely showed up, and how cold Steph Curry was from the field.

All I know is that on this night, Matt Barnes, Lance Stephenson, and Xavier Munford almost beat a team on pace for 73 wins.

I hope the Grizzlies finish eighth now.  There is no chance they win that series, but I'd love to see the fear of an angry god put into the eyes of this Warriors team for at least four games.

Running diary later.  Y'all enjoy this one as much as you can.