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2016 GBB Community Mock Draft: Come Get Some

Here is your chance to take part in a Grizzlies social media community-wide mock draft.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For the third year in a row, GBB will be hosting a Community Mock Draft.

The teams in the draft have already been offered to GBB staff and various other members of the Grizzlies social media community at large, but now it's your turn.  Ever wanted to be a GM, if only for a few moments and for no pay...then this is for you.

Here is who is participating and which teams are left to be chosen:

1.Philadelphia- Joe Mullinax
2. Los Angeles Lakers- Corban Ford
3. Boston- Chip Williams
4. Phoenix-Kyle Whittington
5. Minnesota- Aimee S
6. New Orleans-Wes George

7. Denver-mopizzle11

8. Sacramento-Brandon C

9. Toronto (From Denver via New York)-Tabatha

10. Milwaukee- Kevin Yeung  
11. Orlando-colapsedLung
12. Utah- BealeStreetKen
13. Phoenix- Kyle Whittington
14. Chicago-Brandon C
15. Denver-mopizzle11
16. Boston (From Dallas)- Chip WIlliams 
17. Memphis- Joe Mullinax
18. Detroit-Volislife
19. Denver-mopizzle11
20. Indiana- Aimee S
21. Atlanta-Jama17
22. Charlotte- Justin Simms
23. Boston- Chip Williams 
24. Philadelphia- Joe Mullinax  
25. Los Angeles Clippers-Kevin Lipe
26. Philadelphia- Joe Mullinax

27. Toronto-Tabatha
28. Phoenix-Kyle Whittington
29. San Antonio Jill Kong
30. Golden State-OPEN

Teams Remaining- PHX (3 Picks), DEN (3 Picks), ORL, DET, ATL, SAS, GSW

Here are the rules:

  1. Use the comment section below to claim which of the remaining teams you would like to draft for.  First come first serve
  2. After that, send an email with your name to so you can be apart of our group email thread
  3. You are responsible for every team's draft picks.
  4. Your job is to draft a player and write a little about that players skill set and why your team would want to draft him.
  5. Trades will be allowed, but like in the real NBA they will not happen very often and will need to pass through the rigors of the trade machine and the brain trust of GBB analysts.

I got my start here at GBB through the Community draft, so I will always have a soft spot.  Plus, its freaking fun to play pretend-GM for a while.

Sound good?? Pick a team you like in the comment section below.