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Grizzly Offseason Needs: You Tell Us!

The offseason rapidly approaches, and I want to hear from the GBB community as we see what we need to do to get our roster back to it's usual championship contending level

It's already been a long off season. I sleep right here.
It's already been a long off season. I sleep right here.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Hey y'all, I'm back at it again with a piece I want to try out. The off-season has been in full swing for the Grizzlies for over a month now, and a change of coaching staff has already come about. However, with the NBA Draft and the Free Agency bonanza quickly approaching, I am interested to hear from you all to see what our Grizzlies need to do to better position themselves in the deep Western Conference.

This includes roster positions we need to upgrade, any offensive or defensive philosophy adjustments you think should be made, and also what is the most important area of improvement that the Grizzlies can get to work on. For the record, I'm coming at this with the idea that the front office will retain Mike Conley, and that with Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol in the fold I feel that the point guard, power forward, and center positions are good to go. Some of you may think that with Randolph aging we may need to move him to the pine and add a starting caliber power forward, or maybe Conley does the unthinkable and.... never mind.

I will be posting and elaborating on my own personal list very soon, but let's start the conversation! My first position I feel the Grizzlies should upgrade is at the small forward spot, and I plan to tell y'all all about it next week. Until then, check out the poll below, comment if you can, and keep grinding Grizzly fans!

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