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Grizzlies Announce Guard Jordan Adams to Undergo Sugery

It's another knee surgery for Memphis' young shooting guard. Will he ever be able to stay healthy?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Even in the offseason it seems the Grizzlies can't escape the injury bug. Today the team announced that shooting guard Jordan Adams would undergo cartilage replacement surgery on his right knee. The procedure marks the third in the past ten months for Adams, who previously went under the knife in June of 2015 after suffering a partially torn meniscus, and again in January of 2016. At the moment, no timetable has been established for Adams' return.

The mood in Grizz Nation following the announcement was a somber one. Since being drafted in 2014, Adams has been seen by many as Memphis' best hope of developing a young player into an outside shooter. Unfortunately, a steady rash of knee problems has kept the 21 year old from seeing much playing time. Adams played just two games for Memphis last season, logging just under 15 minutes in late October and early November.

It's certainly worth questioning whether or not Adams will ever have any sort of successful NBA career, but there was this find from 3 Shades of Blue's Jonathan May regarding the sort of surgery that Adams underwent:

Sure, that isn't much, but at the moment, a 90% shot at returning to basketball is at least something to hope for. And for right now, all Memphis fans can do is hope for Adams to have a speedy recovery.