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Grizzly Bear Blues Community NBA Mock Draft: The First Trade and Pick #1 by The Philadelphia 76ers

We start off the festivities of the 2016 GBB Community NBA Mock Draft with our first trade and then the first overall pick, which is held by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Nikola Mirotic is a Mock Grizzly!
Nikola Mirotic is a Mock Grizzly!
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The tradition unlike any other that is the Grizzly Bear Blues Community NBA Mock Draft got off to a rip-roaring start yesterday, when the following trade was agreed to between the Mock GM of the Memphis Grizzlies (yours truly) and the Mock GM of the Chicago Bulls (Brandon C)-

So the Bulls now have the #17 overall pick and some additional assets/draft picks, and the Grizzlies have #14 overall in our mock and Nikola Mirotic. Why would the Bulls be wise to do such a deal? Brandon C weighs in-

Giving up Mirotic is a big deal, but it's softened a little bit by the fact that Chicago has Bobby Portis, who's four years younger and under contract longer, to fill some of the void left. Pau Gasol has a player option that he'll likely opt out of, and, if reports are to be believed, Joakim Noah won't be back, either. That leaves the Bulls with a gaping hole at center. Wright at least provides a little athleticism at the possession at a bargain price, though they'll still need to add more in the way of rim protection. Add in the draft picks, and Chicago has to come out of this deal feeling good in spite of parting with Mirotic.

And for the Grizzlies? Mirotic is a stud and could thrive as a sixth man in Memphis, and as a potential replacement for Zach Randolph beyond 2017. The Grizzlies in the above mentioned deal are only giving up a player who barely played last season and one pick that they had before the Jeff Green and Courtney Lee trades- a 2019 2nd rounder. They also move up from #17 to #14 in this year's draft, virtually guaranteeing them their pick of back-up point guard and wing options.

It's a trade that both fan bases seemed to dislike on Twitter- so it is probably a fair one. What will Memphis do at #14? Time will tell. For now, on to the actual mock selections-

With the first pick of the 2016 Grizzly Bear Blues Community Mock NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers and their Mock GM Joe Mullinax select...

Brandon Ingram, Forward, Duke University

Ingram1 Mark Dolejs- USA Today Sports

Yes, how do you like THAT for a swerve? So many folks think that Ben Simmons is a likely candidate for the first overall pick- multiple mock drafts, draft analysis experts, even our own GBB Twitter followers-

A vast majority of smart people say that Ben Simmons, an absurdly talented athletic freak who could potentially play every position on the floor extremely well, should be the first pick overall.

So why do I go with Ingram? Because he gets buckets. And no one else on the Philadelphia 76ers who is a wing gets buckets. And Ingram can get buckets from day one, whereas Simmons can be neutralized rather easily in half-court sets. Simmons has very little offensive game outside of the paint as a scorer at this point, and Ingram's offensive skill set will only continue to evolve. He can create on the wing and even played the point for brief stretches at Duke, and his versatility will wreak havoc on any wing defending him considering nine times out of ten they will be undersized. He also can utilize his length as a defender to create massive issues as he develops physically, and he can play at the stretch four as well as on the wing. If we are looking to move Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor (which we aren't, wink wink), he can play a stretch of time in that stretch four role.

Simmons wants to be an L.A. star? Go for it. The 76ers have just taken potentially the best scoring wing since Kevin Durant. That's a solid use of the first overall pick.

Later today, Corban Ford will select for the L.A. Lakers! I wonder who they will choose. If you are participating in the Mock Draft and I do not have your email information (colapsedLung, volislife, Jama17, rhinoh23) please send it to ASAP.

2-Jun 1/PHI Joe Mullinax
2-Jun 2/LAL Corban Ford
3-Jun 3/BOS Chip Williams
3-Jun 4/PHX Kyle Whittington
6-Jun 5/MIN Aimee S
6-Jun 6/NOLA Wes George
7-Jun 7/DEN Mopizzle11
7-Jun 8/SAC Brandon C
8-Jun 9/TOR Tabitha
8-Jun 10/MIL Kevin Yeung
9-Jun 11/ORL colapsedLung
9-Jun 12/UTA BealeStreetKen
10-Jun 13/PHX Kyle Whittington
10-Jun 14/CHI Brandon C
13-Jun 15/DEN mopizzle11
13-Jun 16/BOS Chip Williams
14-Jun 17/MEM Joe Mullinax
14-Jun 18/DET volislife
15-Jun 19/DEN Mopizzle11
15-Jun 20/IND Aimee S
16-Jun 21/ATL Jama17
16-Jun 22/CHA Justin Simms
17-Jun 23/BOS Chip Williams
17-Jun 24/PHI Joe Mullinax
20-Jun 25/LAC Kevin Lipe
20-Jun 26/PHI Joe Mullinax
21-Jun 27/TOR Tabitha
21-Jun 28/PHX Kyle Whittington
22-Jun 29/SAS Jill Kong
22-Jun 30/GSW rhinoh23

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