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Boston Globe Beat Writers Mock Draft: Grizzlies Select Timothe Luwawu with 17th pick

It's a great day for make-believe.

via: Mega Leks roster page

The folks over at the Boston Globe were kind enough to include me in their beat writers mock draft today. Picking for the Grizzlies at 17, I grabbed Timothe Luwawu:

17. Memphis: Timothe Luwawu, G, KK Mega Leks (Serbia)

Luwawu adds defense and shooting to a paper-thin Grizzlies wing corps, and terrifically high upside to segue into the years ahead.

-€” Kevin Yeung, SB Nation

There doesn't seem to be any real consensus for where Luwawu goes in the draft. DraftExpress has him going 14th in their mock-up, while Chad Ford tweeted that he could go in the 17-35 range a week ago. Truthfully, that seems absurd to me.

Some smart folks that I trust like Luwawu an awful lot. Chip Williams had him eighth on his big board in our corner of the Internet. Derek Bodner of Philly Mag ranked him fifth back in May. Cole Zwicker has him fourth, which is the highest rank I've seen for Luwawu yet.

In the GBB community mock draft, I grabbed Luwawu with the tenth pick for the Milwaukee Bucks; I can't imagine he falls out of the lottery, just because I sincerely do think he's that good. Think something along the Khris Middleton to Nicolas Batum scale, a 3-and-D player at worst and something far more useful if his off-the-bounce skills develop nicely. If he's there when the Grizzlies pick at 17, I'm going J.R. Smith. Catch me in Vegas.

Anyway, in this utopian and Boston Globe'd NBA, the Grizzlies have one big offseason question left.