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2016 NBA Draft: Memphis Grizzlies Select Wade Baldwin at #17 Overall

A bit of a surprise, but a welcome one.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Promises are two-way streets apparently.

Wade Baldwin IV is not Malachi Richardson, who was reportedly promised by Memphis Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace that if he were available he would be Memphis' pick if he shut down his workouts for other teams. But Richardson did not do that, so the Grizzlies have gone in a different direction...

It's a very good one. Baldwin arguably has one of the higher upsides of the players who were available at #17 overall for Memphis, and he checks several boxes for the Grizzlies. He can play the back-up point guard spot immediately and also can allow for Mike Conley to play off the ball offensively (as long as he stays in Memphis, please stay in Memphis). He can shoot the three, and his tremendous wingspan allows for him to defend just about every perimeter position. His defensive prowess and offensive potential should be brought about well by new Memphis Head Coach David Fizdale, whose player development skills are part of what got him the Grizzlies job in the first place.

Baldwin IV is good value at #17. He makes Memphis better both now and in the future, and he helps to fill several needs on a rookie scale contract.

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