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2016 NBA Draft: Memphis Grizzlies Select Rade Zagorac at #35 Overall


I couldn't find a picture of Zagorac fast enough...
I couldn't find a picture of Zagorac fast enough...
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the excitement of the NBA Draft and the Memphis Grizzlies supposedly winning it, things came to a bit of a screeching halt with the selection that the Grizzlies made at #35 overall...


Rade Zagorac was ranked #43 overall by our Chip Williams on his final big board, and is listed as a 6'8" 205 pound Small Forward. According to DraftExpress, he has good fluidity for a wing his size and is a decent passer out of the pick and roll. Given his size, he could also potentially become a good defender as he continues to improve his strength. He will struggle with the increase in competition, as as Draft Express puts it...

...the fact that he is far from a one-dimensional prospect gives him a lot of appeal as a role player considering his physical tools.

Something to look forward to, especially if he decided to stay overseas for a season or so. This could very well be a draft and stash type of situation of a European player who caught the eyes of Grizzlies Front Office folks like John Hollinger. Size and upside in the second round is worth taking a flyer on.

Upon further review, Memphis is still winning the draft.

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