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Here's Who Also Should Have Been In The Mike Conley Recruiting Video

Filmmaker Craig Brewer got Justin Timberlake and three-quarters of Mount Grizzmore to woo Mike Conley back to Memphis. It might just work, but here's who else should have been involved in the touching plea to our point guard.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies and filmmaker Craig Brewer released a moving Mike Conley recruitment video this morning, the beginnings of an orchestrated attempt to bring back the beloved free agent point guard (who we're now apparently calling "Our Conductor?").

To assist in the assist-maker's return, Brewer enlisted minority owner Justin Timberlake and the grit-grind triumvirate, Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol, and Tony Allen, who took turns mythologizing Conley, their friend, their teammate, and their "maestro". The film is beautiful and touching, all of us cried, and Gasol says his ultimate dream is to "win a championship in Memphis with Mike Conley".

The team brought in all the heavy hitters to try to keep Conley in the fold. But here's who also should have been in Conley's recruitment video.

Vince Carter

Though Vince has only been a Grizzly for two seasons and does not quite possess the grit-and-grandiose tongue of Gasol, Randolph, or Allen, Carter really seems to love Memphis, and his teammates really seem to love him. Carter's a great ambassador for the team, and is thoughtful and well-spoken in front of the camera. If there's any current player outside Mount Grizzmore who could sway Michael Conley Jr., it would be Carter.

Bongo Lady

I have to assume this was Craig Brewer's last cut. Like, last night at about 2 a.m., the ballet dancers and orchestra did not exist, the title was "Mike Conley, Our Drummer," and the main thrust of the film was Bongo Lady pounding away at some imaginary bongos. If Conley dances away to San Antonio or New York, we'll be left to bang the drums of sadness, and we'll have Brewer's decision to cut Bongo Lady to blame.

Kevin Durant

This would have been a secretly great Chris Wallace play. They could have even partnered with Sonic, with whom Durant has an endorsement deal, and dabbled in a little drive-in subterfuge. One second, KD thinks he's shooting a whimsical Sonic commercial with those two Sonic dudes, the next second, he's reading his lines and whoops now he's recruiting Mike Conley to come play with him in Memphis. Let's at least throw KD a lifetime supply of tater tots. Just to see what happens.

Greg Oden

They're, like, best friends!

Wade Baldwin

The Grizzlies' first round draft pick has a bright future, but is not ready to be the starting point guard for an NBA team. An earnest, tearful plea from Conley's newest teammate whom he has (probably?) never met would at least make for captivating viewing, and maybe the sight of a weeping Wade Baldwin would appeal to Conley's sensitive side? Hey, the Grizzlies should not be above groveling. Seriously, Mike, we need you. Please come back. Please. Just...come back. Mike. Please. Mike.