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Joe Mullinax is the New Site Manager of Grizzly Bear Blues

Started from MulliGrizz, now I'm here.

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It's funny how things play out.

When I first joined Grizzly Bear Blues, it was as the commenter known as MulliGrizz. My wife (girlfriend at the time) said I should start my own blog, but I found the set-up at GBB to be better than just having a random "MulliBlog". I read, and I read, and I commented, and I commented. Then, I started with FanPosts. And I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote. Hot take after hot take after hot take. And before Kevin Lipe left GBB for the Memphis Flyer, he brought me on staff.

I was thrilled.

You see, Grizzly Bear Blues is the preeminent Memphis Grizzlies blog, in my opinion. I enjoy everyone's work out in the GrizzNation blogosphere, and have respect for all the time and effort folks put in. But from Tom Lorenzo and Kevin Lipe through Chris Faulkner, as long as I have been a Memphis Grizzlies fan, Grizzly Bear Blues has consistently had the best content, the best writers, the best community, is a part of the great SB Nation network...just everything to me about Grizzly Bear Blues represents excellence.

So I hit the ground running. And over the course of three years on staff, I have written just about everything you possibly can. I have been right (Jordan Adams over Rodney Hood? Dumb!) and I have been wrong (Trade Zach Randolph and Jeff Green is the answer? Dumb!). I have written features, game previews, news blurbs, and I have covered playoff series. I have hosted podcasts and have had the terrific opportunity to speak with some of the best Grizzlies and sports minds out there on the radio and elsewhere. GBB has opened up a world of possibility for me that I never thought possible when I first started blogging as MulliGrizz several years ago.

It is with all of this in mind that I happily announce that I am the new Site Manager here at Grizzly Bear Blues.

I take over for Chris Faulkner, who I view as a friend and mentor, and I cannot be more excited. My time with GBB has made me a better fan and a better writer, and to now be at the helm of my favorite site covering my favorite NBA team is a blogger dream come true.

My goals for the site? To be a key part of your Memphis Grizzlies fan experience. To be welcoming as a community and informative and innovative as a staff. To show passion, whether it be for writing, the Grizzlies, or both, through our work. To assemble a staff that competes with each other and themselves to be the best writers they can be in every article they create. To provide a place in this crazy Grizzlies internet world where fans can come and want to play an active part, where they can feel comfortable to voice their opinion and enjoy their team as more and more people do in the 21st century.

The Memphis Grizzlies helped me connect with a city that I love, and this blog was the major tool used in that connection. I am thrilled to now be at the helm of the ship. I believe that leadership is service, and I look forward to serving the GBB community.

Thanks to everyone who has ever read, listened to, or supported my work in any way. Thanks to the writers and editors that I have learned so much from. Thanks to my family who has been so understanding and wonderful, and to the city of Memphis and their Grizzlies for being so damn inspiring to me.

This is an exciting day. And it is only the beginning!

Now the real work begins.

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