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Grizzly Bear Blues Community NBA Mock Draft: Pick #3- Boston Celtics

The draft carries right along. Up next, the Boston Celtics, who acquired this pick from the Brooklyn Nets. And it's a bit of a shocker...

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the results of the 2016 Grizzly Bear Blues Community NBA Mock Draft so far...

  1. Philadelphia 76ers (Joe Mullinax)- Brandon Ingram, Forward, Duke University
  2. Los Angeles Lakers (Corban Ford)- Ben Simmons, Forward, Louisiana State University

The Boston Celtics and their Mock GM Chip Williams are now on the clock, and with the third pick in the 2016 Grizzly Bear Blues Community NBA Mock Draft they select...

Marquese Chriss, Power Forward, University of Washington

Chriss Joe Nicholson- USA Today Sports

For those who haven't been paying close attention lately, this is a massive surprise. But Chriss has been rising up draft boards as of late. Here is why Chip says he makes the pick-

I remember the very first time I scouted Marquese Chriss. It was several months ago, and he had already gone from a relatively average recruit, compared to most one-and-done players (ranked No. 60 in the country according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings), to a player that was soaring up draft boards and could be around when the Grizzlies pick at 17. Well, it took me about two minutes of watching Chriss play to realize that there was exactly a 0% chance he'd be around when the Grizz picked at 17.

Once you get past Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons, there's really not a player that Boston absolutely must take a three. There are three or four players who would make sense here, but none have a higher ceiling than Chriss.

Chriss is a freak athlete. He possesses incredible leaping ability and fluidity in his strides while also maintaining excellent body control. But it doesn't stop there at just his athleticism. Chriss has all the tools to be a modern-day four in the NBA. He will have no problem making threes one day (shot 35% from three as a freshman), he's got the size and length to matchup with any four (6-10, 233 with a 7-0 wingspan), he can realistically switch pick and rolls and stay in front of guards and he's already shown a soft touch when working in the post.

Some will be surprised at this pick, but if you watch Chriss play, it'll make sense. The guy is going to have a long, productive NBA career, assuming health.

So Chriss is off the board. Who will the Phoenix Suns take at #4?

Date Pick/Team Selection Mock GM
June 2nd 1/Philadelphia Brandon Ingram, Forward, Duke University Joe Mullinax
June 2nd 2/LA Lakers Ben Simmons, Forward, LSU Corban Ford
June 3rd 3/Boston Marquese Chriss, Power Forward, Washington Chip Williams
June 3rd 4/Phoenix Kyle Whittington
June 6th 5/Minnesota Aimee S
June 6th 6/New Orleans Wes George
June 7th 7/Denver Mopizzle11
June 7th 8/Sacramento Brandon C
June 8th 9/Toronto Tabitha
June 8th 10/Milwaukee Kevin Yeung
June 9th 11/Orlando colapsedLung
June 9th 12/Utah BealeStreetKen
June 10th 13/Phoenix Brandon C
June 10th 14/Memphis Joe Mullinax
June 13th 15/Denver Mopizzle11
June 13th 16/Boston Chip Williams
June 14th 17/Chicago Brandon C
June 14th 18/Detroit volislife
June 15th 19/Denver Mopizzle11
June 15th 20/Indiana Aimee S
June 16th 21/Atlanta Jama17
June 16th 22/Charlotte Justin Sims
June 17th 23/Boston Chip Williams
June 17th 24/Philadelphia Joe Mullinax
June 20th 25/LA Clippers Kevin Lipe
June 20th 26/Philadelphia Joe Mullinax
June 21st 27/Toronto Tabitha
June 21st 28/Phoenix Kyle Whittington
June 22nd 29/San Antonio Jill Kong
June 22nd 30/Golden State rhinoh23

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