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Grizzly Bear Blues Community NBA Mock Draft: Pick #4- Phoenix Suns

Another team with a ton of picks in the 2016 NBA Draft First Round, the Phoenix Suns, are on our mock clock! Who is the pick?

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

Here are the results for the 2016 Grizzly Bear Blues Community NBA Mock Draft so far...

  1. Philadelphia 76ers (Joe Mullinax)- Brandon Ingram, Forward, Duke University
  2. Los Angeles Lakers (Corban Ford)- Ben Simmons, Forward, Louisiana State University
  3. Boston Celtics (Chip Williams)- Marquese Chriss, Power Forward, University of Washington

The Phoenix Suns and their Mock GM Kyle Whittington are now on the clock. With the third pick in the 2016 Grizzly Bear Blues Community NBA Mock Draft, they select...

Dragan Bender, Forward, Maccabi Tel Aviv

Bender Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

Kyle was happy to see Bender fall in to his lap at #4. Here is what he has to say on the pick-

Bender is a versatile big man out of Maccabi Tel Aviv. He is 7-0 with a 7-2 wing span who can play anywhere from 3 to 5 on an NBA team. Phoenix is in dire need of a PF on the roster, and Bender has all of the tools to become a really good stretch four in this league, which is something that Phoenix employs often in their offense. Bender also has very good coordination for his frame, and good ball skills as well. He can run the floor as a PF and finish on the break, and he has the ability to make the right plays using his excellent court vision.

He has good lateral quickness that will help on defense, and has the drive to be a good rebounder. He also has the size to be a good shot blocker as well. However, he is an unpolished 17 year who is not a great athlete and has limited leaping ability. Since he is 7'0, his leaping ability isn't extremely important, but he probably isn't explosive enough to be a great SF. He needs to put on some weight or risk being overpowered on defense by larger PF and C. He needs to put work in on how he handles closeouts (Shooting though close outs, shot off dribble, creating off the dribble) and also work on developing a couple more post moves.

Overall, Bender is a very young and ridiculously tall player who has the ability to become a great European big in this league, but he has to have drive putting in the time and effort to develop into this.

Four picks, four forwards off the board. When will we see our first guard get drafted? Maybe on Monday, when the GBB Community Mock Draft resumes with the picks of the Minnesota Timberwolves and New Orleans Pelicans.

Date Pick/Team Selection Mock GM
June 2nd 1/Philadelphia Brandon Ingram, Forward, Duke University Joe Mullinax
June 2nd 2/LA Lakers Ben Simmons, Forward, LSU Corban Ford
June 3rd 3/Boston Marquese Chriss, Power Forward, Washington Chip Williams
June 3rd 4/Phoenix Dragan Bender, Power Forward, Maccabi Tel Aviv Kyle Whittington
June 6th 5/Minnesota Aimee S
June 6th 6/New Orleans Wes George
June 7th 7/Denver Mopizzle11
June 7th 8/Sacramento Brandon C
June 8th 9/Toronto Tabitha
June 8th 10/Milwaukee Kevin Yeung
June 9th 11/Orlando colapsedLung
June 9th 12/Utah BealeStreetKen
June 10th 13/Phoenix Brandon C
June 10th 14/Memphis Joe Mullinax
June 13th 15/Denver Mopizzle11
June 13th 16/Boston Chip Williams
June 14th 17/Chicago Brandon C
June 14th 18/Detroit volislife
June 15th 19/Denver Mopizzle11
June 15th 20/Indiana Aimee S
June 16th 21/Atlanta Jama17
June 16th 22/Charlotte Justin Sims
June 17th 23/Boston Chip Williams
June 17th 24/Philadelphia Joe Mullinax
June 20th 25/LA Clippers Kevin Lipe
June 20th 26/Philadelphia Joe Mullinax
June 21st 27/Toronto Tabitha
June 21st 28/Phoenix Kyle Whittington
June 22nd 29/San Antonio Jill Kong
June 22nd 30/Golden State rhinoh23

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