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Memphis Grizzlies Free Agency Notes: Chandler Parsons, Kent Bazemore, Eric Gordon Likely Targets, Conley to Meet with Mavericks

The calm before the storm...

Are one of these guys a future Grizzly?
Are one of these guys a future Grizzly?
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Some brief notes to get your Free Agency Eve going...

  • The Memphis Grizzlies have been connected early to two free agents that they plan on pursuing, according to ESPN's Zach Lowe and Chris Broussard- Kent Bazemore and Eric Gordon. Neither should be tremendous surprises- both can shoot, Bazemore can defend, and Gordon can potentially be a steal of a contract if he is able to stay healthy. Bazemore is an excellent target if Parsons becomes unavailable and Gordon, if Memphis can somehow sign both of these players, would be a potentially nice bonus. It's possible that Bazemore is plan A and Gordon is plan B, however- the $28 million or so the Grizzlies will have to play with likely will not be enough to land both players. We talked about both of these guys in depth on the latest GBBLive podcast, which you can listen to here.
  • Chris Broussard is also reporting that while teams such as the Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Houston Rockets all have interest in Grizzlies Free Agent Point Guard Mike Conley, the Dallas Mavericks have actually secured a meeting with "Captain Clutch." It was expected all along that Conley's free agency would be more active that Marc Gasol's was last season, and Mike has every right to take these meetings, especially if it is to distract Dallas while....
  • ESPN's Marc Stein reports that the Grizzlies not only expect to keep Mike Conley, they also plan on targeting Chandler Parsons while Dallas has their attention elsewhere. This is fantastic news- health issues aside, Parsons is a perfect fit for the Grizzlies. Literally perfect. His offensive skill set checks a ton of boxes for Memphis (create off the dribble, three-point shooting, etc.) that I covered here on the site earlier this week. Plus, Mike won't sign his deal with Memphis until the Grizzlies' other free agency business has concluded, so Memphis can go over the cap with his deal. This just might work.

Stay with GBB throughout the next few days as the insanity of NBA Free Agency gets under way!

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