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Grizzly Bear Blues Community NBA Mock Draft: Pick #8 - Sacramento Kings

At 8th overall, the Kings restock their point guard cabinet with an electric prospect out of Providence.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

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After the selection of Domantas Sabonis by the Denver Nuggets, the Sacramento Kings and their Mock GM Brandon C AKA ballfromgrace are on the clock!

With the #8 overall pick in the 2016 Grizzly Bear Blues Community NBA Mock Draft, the Sacramento Kings select...

Kris Dunn, Guard, Providence College

Dunn Gregory Fisher- USA Today Sports

Here are Brandon's thoughts on the selection-

I went into this draft hopeful that either Buddy Hield or Jamal Murray would fall to me at the eighth pick to add some outside shooting to the Kings. When both of those guys went off the board, I wasn't too pleased.

The bright side, though, is that Kris Dunn was still available. Dunn is widely considered the best pure point guard prospect in the draft, and with Rondo and Seth Curry both set to hit free agency in some form during a point guard poor market, the Kings will need to replenish that position without breaking the bank. Dunn is a perfect fit to fill that need. Sacramento would have to love what they're getting at this spot, too. Dunn's a prospect who clearly possesses all the tools needed to succeed in the NBA. He's athletic and explosive, and his size (6'4" with a 6'9" wingspan) should allow him to defend two positions at least, and possibly three.

On the offensive side of the ball, Dunn is electric. He's able to create out of the pick and roll, off the dribble, and in transition. One of the things that really leaps out when watching him on film is his ability to hit another gear. One moment Dunn is feeling the offense out, the next he's blowing by his man to get to the rim. As a jump shooter, Dunn looks as if he could develop into an outside threat (he shot 37.2% from three last season), but, as Derek Bodner of DraftExpress notes, Dunn is currently "wildly inconsistent" when it comes to his shots.

Dunn's passing ability is also a major plus. He distributes the ball well; per, he had an assist % of 41.8 last season. Unfortunately, Dunn will need to protect the ball better. He averaged 4.3 turnovers per 40 minutes last year, and that's not a quality you want in the guy running your offense. His defense is solid due to athleticism, but he is prone to gambling, which means he is prone to guessing wrong too often and allowing easy opportunities for opposing offenses. That can be adjusted with experience and coaching over time, however.

It's clear that Dunn will still need a little polish at the next level. His jump shooting, turnover rates, and inconsistency on defense could use serious work. But given the tools he possesses - the athleticism, the burst, the vision, the size - Dunn can be an exceptional point guard at the next level, and the Kings have to be glad to get a guy with those sorts of abilities at #8 overall.

Today we had a big and a guard come off the board. Who will be selected when the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks make their picks tomorrow?

Date Pick/Team Selection Mock GM
June 2nd 1/Philadelphia Brandon Ingram, Forward, Duke University Joe Mullinax
June 2nd 2/LA Lakers Ben Simmons, Forward, LSU Corban Ford
June 3rd 3/Boston Marquese Chriss, Power Forward, Washington Chip Williams
June 3rd 4/Phoenix Dragan Bender, Power Forward, Maccabi Tel Aviv Kyle Whittington
June 6th 5/Minnesota Buddy Hield, Guard, Oklahoma Aimee S
June 6th 6/Denver Jamal Murray, Guard, Kentucky Mopizzle11
June 7th 7/Denver Domantas Sabonis, Forward/Center, Gonzaga Mopizzle11
June 7th 8/Sacramento Kris Dunn, Guard, Providence Brandon C
June 8th 9/Toronto Tabitha
June 8th 10/Milwaukee Kevin Yeung
June 9th 11/Orlando colapsedLung
June 9th 12/Utah BealeStreetKen
June 10th 13/Phoenix Brandon C
June 10th 14/Memphis Joe Mullinax
June 13th 15/New Orleans Wes George
June 13th 16/Boston Chip Williams
June 14th 17/Chicago Brandon C
June 14th 18/Detroit volislife
June 15th 19/New Orleans Wes George
June 15th 20/Indiana Aimee S
June 16th 21/Atlanta Jama17
June 16th 22/Charlotte Justin Sims
June 17th 23/Boston Chip Williams
June 17th 24/Philadelphia Joe Mullinax
June 20th 25/LA Clippers Kevin Lipe
June 20th 26/Philadelphia Joe Mullinax
June 21st 27/Toronto Tabitha
June 21st 28/Phoenix Kyle Whittington
June 22nd 29/San Antonio Jill Kong
June 22nd 30/Golden State rhinoh23

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