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Free Agency Update: Chandler Parsons, Kent Bazemore, and Other Max Contracts

Updates on the Memphis Grizzlies' key targets in free agency and what some other contracts could mean for the Mike Conley negotiations.

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The crazy spending of NBA Free Agency 2016 kicked off last night with even bigger spending than some projected. Some of the first reported contracts (and some of the most eye-popping) were reported in the early A.M., including a $72 million deal for Joakim Noah and a $64 million deal for Timofey Mozgov. Money was flying everywhere, including some incredibly unexpected places.

As for players the Grizzlies are interested in? There weren't any deals made yet, but there was a little bit of news worth noting.

Chandler Parsons

Parsons, who is apparently done in Dallas, met with Portland officials last night in Los Angeles. According to Wojnarowski, the Blazers offered Parsons a four year max contract.

This means that, if Memphis still wants a shot at the Florida product, they'll have to pony up a four year max offer themselves, and hope that Parsons' friendship with Mike Conley and relationship with new Memphis Grizzlies Assistant Coach J.B. Bickerstaff factors in to the decision.

As of now, Parsons is scheduled to meet with Grizzlies officials Friday, according to reports.

Kent Bazemore

Bazemore was originally rumored to be holding off on team meetings until after the July 4th holiday. However, news broke last night that Atlanta's free agent wing was meeting with the Rockets this morning.

To further complicate things, it was reported by Zach Lowe that Bazemore's camp was looking for a much larger offer than was originally projected.

That's a lot of money for a guy who's only started one year, but that's how things are shaking out in this free agency period. If the Grizzlies want a shot, they'll have to open up the wallet. With all the suitors interested in Bazemore, he's not getting cheaper any time soon.

Other Max Contract Candidates

Demar DeRozan and Nicolas Batum both agreed to terms with their current teams last night. While Memphis was never really in the running to add either of these players, the terms of their contracts are worth noting. Both players took less money than a full max contract. Batum, who was eligible to make the same money as Mike Conley, settled for a 5 year deal worth $120 million, including a player option for the fifth year. DeRozan's deal with the Raptors clocked in at 5 year, $139 million.

It remains to be seen whether or not this will have any effect on the Grizzlies' negotiations with Conley, but it's safe to say that the precedent set here certainly couldn't hurt.


There's certain to be more news broken throughout the day, so stay tuned to Grizzly Bear Blues for all your free agency and Grizzlies updates!

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