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Memphis Grizzlies Free Agency Update: ESPN Report- Mike Conley to Receive Full Max Contract Offer

The Grizzlies are spending, y'all, as Tim MacMahon of ESPN reports.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

We have more news on the Memphis Grizzlies Free Agency front! It isn't unexpected, especially in the wake of the Chandler Parsons agreement to sign in Memphis (which remains awesome), but it is still good to see the plan finalizing.

Mike Conley, arguably one of the top-five free agents overall in this 2016 market, was surely going to receive a max offer from the Dallas Mavericks. But the kicker is, Dallas could only offer four years, which would come out to about $114 million, according to MacMahon. Conley's max offer, if it is indeed offered by Memphis, is for five years $153 million. That is a massive, massive amount of money...but in a market where Mike could receive that offer from Dallas or any team with the cap space, perhaps that is what it is going to take to get Conley to stay and commit long-term to Memphis.

Between two players (Parsons and Conley) Memphis will pay about $247 million over the course of five seasons if both deals are for the reported amounts. This contract would make Mike Conley the highest paid Point Guard in NBA history...for a season, until Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry hit the free agency market. Such is life in the 2016-2017 Salary Cap era.

UPDATE- Here's more confirmation. Mike almost certainly is staying in Memphis.

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