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Recapping The Enemy: Grizzlies acquire Troy Daniels

Memphis added another shooter by completing a sign and trade with Charlotte for shooting guard Troy Daniels. Here's how fans from his previous teams reacted to the news.

3 mil per year is too rich to keep a young, deadeye shooting guard? Come on Cho. BOOOOOO!!!!

What the hell good is a 1.6 mil trade exception?

So the 20 dollar question- did we get PJ back?

OK, I've had a second to calm down. I really like Troy, so I'm annoyed he's leaving, but I can see the thought process from Cho's point of view. Daniels is highly unlikely to become anything more than a 3rd string SG in the near future. He just doesnt have the size or the versatility to do much more. He's a great utility player to have at your disposal, but not one we'd be counting on to play heavy minutes or even be part of the rotation.

I felt he should have been a regular part of the rotation this year. His shooting is uncanny, and the Hornets take more threes than just about anyone. Plus, he had been working hard on defense last year, though the results still left a lot to be desired.

This guy can flat out shoot. He's probably one of the best 3 point shooters in the league

Strengths: shooting, he's a good shooter, ok he's a really **** good shooter, towel waiver

Weaknesses: about everything else

Well there goes the one guy on the roster I actually got surprised when his shots didn't go in.

I love that he's ready to shoot as soon as he comes in the game, no matter if he's been sitting cold for 30 minutes on the bench, that first shot looks the same as his 5th shot.

He's not afraid to let it fly, even when playing with the starters in a close game. He seems to have no fear of the moment and has supreme confidence in his shooting.
Seems to be a great dude and great teammate.

Man, come on.. I really appreciated a player like Daniels. A good Coach turns him into a poor man's Aaron Brooks imho.

I'm happy for him. I hope he gets extended minutes so more people can see how good he really is

I would love to see this kid succeed. Pure shooter as they come. If he learn to be a good defender he could catch on in the league as a 3 & D guy.

Parsons and JBB likely put in a good word and Memphis needs the shooting.

- overpay for someone that will never leave the bench seat