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Top 11 Mike Conley Moments: Part II

Waiting for Mike Conley to sign? Enjoy some of the best of "Captain Clutch."

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

While waiting for Mike Conley to officially return to the Memphis Grizzlies, how about we continue the countdown of Mike's greatest Grizzly moments? Check out part one of our countdown here!

5. Forcing Overtime in Philly

Conley capped off a furious 41-point fourth quarter for the Grizzlies by pouring in a deep three off one foot - the wrong foot - at the buzzer. I especially love the "Wow" response by the Sixers' announcer, a "Wow" that took 26 seconds of stunned silence to process. To top it off, the good guys won this one in overtime.

4. Game Tying Buzzer Beater vs. San Antonio

The Grizz would lose this game in overtime, but coming back from a 16-point deficit, with 15 points from James Johnson and 12 from Conley in the fourth quarter, was just fun as hell. Mike brought the curtain down with a delicate floater after scorching by future DPOY Kawhi Leonard.

3. Game Winning Buzzer Beater vs. San Antonio

What goes into any great moment? Context. This bucket gave Memphis their 50th win of the 2012-13 season, matching a franchise best. This bucket ensured their 12th straight win at home. Before this bucket, Memphis hadn't led since the first quarter. This bucket is the reason why every NBA defender, and especially Danny Green, is keenly aware that Mike Conley is left handed.

2. Forcing Overtime in Game 3

Hard to say what my favorite part about this clip is. Is it...

1) the fact that we didn't take a time out, because f*ck it?
2) the high, high, high arc the shot takes and the collective gasp by the crowd?
3) the way Ibaka leaves his arm in the air after the shot, as if to say, "Well, I'm 6'10'' and I tried."
4) Tony Allen's look of "Did dis dude just did dis?" from the bench?

There's just so much to love.

1. Game 2 vs. Golden State

8 days - 8 stinking days!! - after having surgery on his face, Mike Conley returned dramatically to help Memphis steal one in Oracle Arena. Performances like this are why "All Heart, Grit, Grind" isn't a cliche yet. This game epitomized the determination that Memphis fans love to see in a team that's often outclassed by superior talent and deadlier shooting. No kidding - I'll be telling my kids about the time Mike Conley out-dueled Steph Curry, in Oakland, wearing a full face mask.

We look forward to it becoming official, Cap. Welcome back to Memphis.

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