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Memphis Grizzlies waive Tony Wroten

The second chapter of Murder She Wroten has come to a close before it could even begin.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis has waived Tony Wroten, according to a Grizzlies press release. While he has a slick handle, impressive athleticism, and once dunked on Kobe Bryant, I think Memphis made the right choice. His departure hints at greater playing time for Wade Baldwin at backup PG, and allows the Grizzlies some roster flexibility regarding possibly keeping the perennially-injured Jordan Adams or adding someone else from their Summer League or training camp roster.

I may be the last one, but if Jordan Adams can come back sometime this upcoming season, I still love his shooting, play-making, and defense. I highly doubt it, but I'd love to see DJ Stephens on the Grizzlies roster. Stephens had an incredible outing in the Grizzlies' last Summer League win over the Bucks, prompting one announcer to repeatedly daydream about riding his shoulders as DJ flew them about the Grand Canyon, helicopter style. (I have no idea. At least the other announcer started pronouncing Stephens' last name correctly with 5 minutes left in the game.) Check out the video recap of yesterday's game: it's basically a DJ Stephens highlight reel.

In any case, I love Wroten, even if he's not a stellar fit for Memphis. But he deserves to be running free, smiling and strutting as the happy commander of a tanking team. Or maybe a youthful injection for the Nets or Mavericks?