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Minnesota Ousts Memphis from Summer League Playoffs Winner's Bracket: 89-85

The Grizzlies lose a close one.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Timberwolves ousted the Memphis Grizzlies from the winner's bracket in the second round of the Summer League playoffs, winning a tight game 89 to 85. While it's disappointing to get upset (Minnesota is a 24-seed while Memphis was an 8-seed), it's always a victory when the guys get good playing experience without suffering any major injuries. I can't overstate how much more important it is to conclude Summer League play without major injuries to any of our new additions than it is to win these fun but relatively meaningless games (insofar as the outcome goes when it comes to winners and losers).

The Grizzlies got a decent performance from one of its newly-signed point guards, and it wasn't their first-round draft pick Wade Baldwin IV. While Andrew Harrison didn't pour in the points, he tallied 16, going 12 of 14 from the stripe, and looked aggressive and confident, with a definite Kentucky swagger.

Baldwin, meanwhile, had a forgettable game outside of some nice no-look passes, utilizing his wingspan and court-vision well. I'm not sure if I've seen him make a jump shot, and he had some pretty sloppy turnovers. Much to my dismay, D.J. Stephens had no playing time in this one, and that probably means the Grizzlies aren't seriously considering him for their regular season roster (or they were giving him the game off, perhaps? Injury related? We will find out soon enough).

Levi Randolph had himself a game, however, pouring in 26 points in incredibly efficient shooting and scrappy, floor-diving play, Despite his performance, the Grizzlies weren't able to pull out this close game, and I doubt Randolph ever finds quality NBA minutes.

Again, despite the loss, a real tragedy would've been one of our new players or potential players suffering a serious injury, so I'll count good experience at no health cost a victory any summer day.

The Summer League Grizzlies wrap up their stay in Vegas tonight as they take on the Atlanta Hawks in a consolation game. The game begins at 7:00 PM CT.

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