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Fizdale says D.J. Stephens will be in Grizzlies training camp

Coach Fizdale talks D.J. Stephens and more after the Summer League

In a interview yesterday with Eric Hasseltine, the radio voice of the Grizzlies, David Fizdale talked about the Summer League process. As in previous interviews, he seemed more open and communicative than the previous coaching staff.

One of the interesting tidbits he dropped was some good news for fans of former Memphis Tiger D.J. Stephens.

"D.J. Stephens, who is coming to camp with us, had an exceptional game. I wish he didn't get banged up. But he had finally broken loose."

Based on that, Stephens sitting out the last two Summer League games seems to be due to a minor injury rather than coach's decision. Teams generally tend to be more cautious with injuries in the Summer League.

Stephens, as well covered by our own Jonah Jordan, has developed his game from raw athleticism to a potential athletic 3&D wing player, which is so valuable in the league. D.J. took a high rate of 3s - nearly 6 per 36 minutes - and made 36% in Summer League. It seems he's shown the coaching staff enough to earn a shot at the roster.

Fizdale also had praise for Vince Hunter and the Grizzlies' possible backup point guards, Andrew Harrison and Wade Baldwin IV.

On Harrison: "People look at the 3 for 18 for Andrew, but I saw 25 paint touches. So I look at the positive side of it - the fact that he can get to the front of the rim every play is very encouraging for me. Now I just need to teach him to make better decisions once he gets there."

On Baldwin: "Wade Baldwin showed us some big-time NBA things that we think we can work with."

Fizdale also talked about preparing for training camp, starting to work with Marc Gasol, working on film, starting fast, and establishing chemistry as a coaching staff and team.

You can find the full Summer League Recap in the video archive.