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New Grizzlies Head Coach David Fizdale Making Headlines

Two articles have hit the internet this week about the Grizzlies' new head coach. Both are must read material.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis' new head coach has been making big headlines recently. Earlier this week, first-year coach David Fizdale was featured in two major pieces. Both are fantastic reads and give great insight into the longtime assistant who the Grizzlies hired to replace Dave Joerger.

On Monday, Marc J. Spears of ESPN's The Undefeated ran a Q and A session with Fizdale in which he discussed his time growing up in South Central Los Angeles. In the piece, Fizdale talks at length about his experience with police, the tragedies that he saw around him, and how he wants to use his position to be a positive influence in the community. Fizdale also mentions how he can empathize with Memphis and the struggles the city is currently going through. It's an excellent piece, and Fizdale's rise from those struggles to an NBA coach is truly inspiring.

To follow that up, on Tuesday, Matt Moore of CBS Sports published a piece on Fizdale and his coaching plans for the Grizzlies. The article features some great quotes about Fizdale's strategy for handling his first head coaching opportunity, including the pitch he made to Mike Conley, his strategy for playing at a faster pace, and how he plans to use Chandler Parsons, among many other things. If there's one thing that Moore's piece emphasizes about Fizdale, it's that he's certainly going to work his tail off to succeed. It's impossible to read this piece without getting excited about the upcoming season and seeing Fizdale's vision implemented.

I highly recommend you take the time to read both of these articles. They're fantastically well-done, and they offer great insight not only into what to expect from Fizdale as a head coach, but also what he's like as a person and what he can bring to Memphis off the court.