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Recapping the Enemy: Parsons Signs, Conley Re-signs. The View from Around the League

Free agency - day 1. Memphis sign Chandler Parsons to a 4-year max contract, and quickly follow it up by giving returning point guard, Mike Conley the richest deal in NBA history. Here's how fans from around the league reacted to the Grizzlies' big moves.

Chandler Parsons

Remember when Mavs fans were excited about this guy... I feel bad for them... I tried to warn them... This man went from my fave player to my least favorite in 2.5 years. I miss young CP

The Grizz will be garbage for years to come. I thought the object of the game was to compete for rings. I guess they just want to make the playoffs and get as much money as they can from fans and playoff games. I guess it really is a business.

Why wouldn't he go to Portland? Playing with Dame and CJ seems so much better than playing with an offense that hasn't worked in 5 years.

Parsons is getting paid to do what exactly? 94m. Role players getting treated like superstars

Shooting that they desperately needed. Good move by the griz.

Wow I thought the Grizzlies were gonna age and have to start a rebuild soon, but they seem like they'll be back this year

Mavs were right not to commit a full max to an injury prone player. Parsons was right to get a full max someplace else, especially with his injury history. I don't think there's any bad blood. Each side simply did the right thing for themselves.

Im sure Parsons is trying to convince Conley not to go to Dallas and stay in Memphis.

I've actually been sick of Parsons since he's tried to be a recruit for us. It's failed. He's tried every angle that he can work and it's done nothing to help us.

Grizzlies are now the Knicks of the West as a talking injury bomb. Between Conley, Parsons and Gasol, that team could have all 3 out for the season with injuries by Feb.

I miss Cubes throwing around money like a madman, understandable that he switched to profit-mode after getting that championship but it still kind of sucks.

The money is crazy, but it's not my money and look at what's going on out there -- Mike Conley just got $153 Million and has never made an All Star game 9 years in the league! Honestly I'd rather give Turner $70M than Nico $120 and this is less risky than Parsons at max.

Plan B was Parsons/Howard. Feels real bad that Memphis was more attractive than Portland for Parsons, and I think Portland only has a shot at Howard with Parsons.

Mike Conley

- As a Mavs fan congrats on getting the people you wanted, must be nice. Dirk doesn't deserve this.

I mean they'll be relevant in the west but still won't make it past the semis. Okc, golden state, and san antonio are all better than the grizzlies even if they get eric gordon. Still will probably win 50+ games though.

Went from most underrated to most overpaid real quick. Smh

- Conley's is worse. Mozgov's 16 mill wont look so bad when the cap jumps from 94 mill to 110 mill next season. Where as memphis is stuck with a 33 yr old, injury prone Conley for 30 mill a YEAR! for the next 5 seasons

As expected. Glad he gave us a look.

- Congrats to him and staying with Memphis for what could be the rest of his career.