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Grizzlies Finalize Summer League Roster

It's the most heart-pounding, jaw-dropping roster ever assembled for a July Summer League team.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, July. A time of sweltering heat, violent thunderstorms, grilling, fireworks, and NBA Summer League hoops. I get especially jazzed for this time of year, and not because I'm so starved for basketball (ok I am). Some truly cool stuff happens in the Summer League! We saw the emergence of Damian Lillard (nobody watches Weber State basketball). We witnessed Josh Selby put on his own fireworks display that one year when he hit fifteen trillion threes. This year, however, we have more to look forward to than really any other time I can think of as a Grizzlies fan.

Later this month, the Grizzlies will debut its stellar new coaching staff, some new draftees (did we finally draft well?!), as well as some familiar faces. The Grizzlies as an overall organization, between the FO, players, and new coaching staff, have given us a lot to get excited about, and we'll get to see some of that hype materialize on July 8 when Memphis takes on a D-League star team. As much fun as it'll be seeing Fizz and JB manning the helm, I'm even more pumped to see the players on this league's roster.

The Grizzlies' roster for this Summer League include our top pick Wade Baldwin, whom we hope will soak up point guard minutes, and dream of showing Westbrookian flashes (as analogized by Karl Anthony Towns). We'll also catch second-round steal Deyonta Davis, and see if his rim-protection and jam-mastery translates well on the professional level. Let's not kid ourselves, however. The true gem of this roster is DJ Stephens. His highlight plays at the University of Memphis rank up there with Derrick Rose in my noggin. I expect a Deyonta swat into Wade's hands, who'll toss it over his back in transition to JaMychel at the arc, only to pump-fake and lob it to DJ for the Summer League's first ever double-back flip slam dunk.

You can catch the full roster here and scope out the Summer League schedule here.

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