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Deyonta Davis to miss three Summer League games with foot injury

Summer League games haven't even started and the Grizzlies have already been struck by the injury bug. Will the misery ever end?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday evening, the Memphis Grizzlies tweeted out the two words that every fan of the team has come to dread: Medical Update.

This time, the subject of the update was Deyonta Davis, the Michigan State product who Memphis selected 31st overall after trading the pick it acquired from the Clippers to the Celtics. Per the team website, Davis developed plantar fasciitis in his left foot while taking part in individual workouts in Memphis. The full update, posted on the team's website, can be found here.

The injury won't force Davis to miss any major time, but he'll sit out the first three games of Summer League in Vegas as the team monitors his situation. While it's certainly disappointing that he won't be out on the floor for fans to get an early look at one of the newest Grizz, for now the most important thing is that Davis is able to take a little time to get fully healthy.

Here's to hoping Davis has a speedy recovery, and that this is the last medical update that the Grizzlies have to put out for a long, long time.