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Notorious G.R.I.Z.: Chris Wallace set to drop NBA’s hottest mixtape

It turns out the Grizzlies GM is also an MC, and he’s about to unleash all the flame emojis onto the NBA landscape.

As I’m sure you’re probably all aware, Memphis Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace shares his name with someone slightly more Notorious. As it turns out, though, a name isn’t all that the two men have in common.

Grizzly Bear Blues sources close to the situation have informed us that the man in charge of the Grizzlies front office is currently set to drop his first mixtape very shortly. And, from what we’ve been told, it’s 100% hot fire.

While we weren’t able to get a full copy of this mixtape, our sources were able to provide a brief sample of one track. This track, titled “Analyze,” takes aim at ESPN’s recently released projections, as well as a well-known NFL reporter.

GBB’s own Flemdawg, who has been providing artwork for Wallace (aka Grizzly Smalls, aka Notorious G.R.I.Z.), was also able to procure this photograph for us. According to Flemdawg, this picture will serve as the cover of the mixtape, tentatively titled Ready to Grind.

Grizzly Smalls has granted GBB exclusive permission to publish the first two verses of “Analyze.” Check out the verses below, and let us know what you think. Will you be copping this mixtape when it drops?

Verse 1

I snicker at Pythagorean

Estimates, win and loss listings

Analysts think we stink, these haters

Of our aged players

Still they love Jeremy Lin in Brooklyn

Dead wrong, they too headstrong, we been there all along

Shocking big time, the age of Grit ‘n’ Grind

If we lose, we get ticked dude, whoop tricks who

Talking bad of us, Clips don’t want us

They won’t walk to us, officials all try to screw us

What up? You know we don’t bluff

Memphis loves Conley so much, Captain Clutch

Draining those threes to win in OT

We resigned MC easily, one-fifty three

Ed Werder tried stumping, but he wasn’t saying nothing

So we just, added piece, after piece

Cuban in free agency, can’t get these

Like Parsons, max whoever want it, cap cash we gonna flaunt it

Six year playoff streak, we on it


Grizzlies, Grizzlies, Grizzlies, you know it’s true

Math-based models can’t analyze you

Plus they hate your mud-slowed speed

Guess that’s why they’ve got you as the ninth seed

Verse 2

Pelicans in NO still got some big holes

Plus OKC just lost old KD

Rockets are unknown, even with Mike D’antone

And the Mavericks looking tragic with Barnes added (hah!)

Now who’s left with the Grizz, who’s there in the West

Those Lakers? You jest, and the Kings suck at best

Spurs in Texas, TD, he’s played his last

And most of that team’s prime is past

The Jazz, next up, don’t make me laugh

Everyone keeps saying that the torch is passed

Now last, Minnesota yapping about Wiggs and KAT

This and that, Thibodeau coaching, working his craft

They still ain’t proven nothing

That’s true till they do something

You heard what I’m saying, Wolves can’t make a statement

Two years removed from a finish in the basement

Face it, I’m right; you fools are full of lies

Playoff streak alive till you can prove it’s otherwise

(Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. Chris Wallace is not, in fact, dropping a mixtape, and he didn’t write these awesome verses. I wish it were so, but alas, it is not.)

(Site Manager’s note: It’s the offseason. Let us have some fun.)

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