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NBA 2K17 Ratings Revealed for the Memphis Grizzlies

As we inch closer to the release date for NBA 2K17, player ratings have begun to leak all over the internet and social media. The leaks include ratings for players on the Memphis Grizzlies. Now nearly all the ratings are out and here’s how the ratings turned out for the Grizzlies. The game officially comes out on September 20.

NBA 2k17

As you can see in the picture above, Marc Gasol and Mike Conley are the highest rated players out of the entire Grizzlies roster. After receiving the second highest paid contract in NBA history, the Grizzlies caught a lot of heat for their decision to offer Conley a contract worth $153 million. Outside of the criticism, Conley earned this deal and probably deserved a higher rating than 85.

Aside from Conley, these ratings seem about right. Gasol is arguably the Grizzlies’ best player after Conley, and no one’s doubting that. After averaging 15 points and eight rebounds a game during the 2015-16 season, Zach Randolph deserves the 80 overall rating, which is higher than Harrison Barnes who received a max contract this offseason from the Dallas Mavericks. The rating for Chandler Parsons might be a little low to fans, but it’s understandable. Parsons is coming off an injury riddled season with the Mavericks.

Wade Baldwin IV earned a 69 rating from 2k studios, which is probably a little low compared to other players in his draft class. Caris LeVert, who was drafted 20th overall, received a 71 overall rating.

NBA 2k17

Here’s the full list of player ratings for the Memphis Grizzlies:

Marc Gasol - 85

Mike Conley - 85

Zach Randolph - 80

Chandler Parsons - 79

Tony Allen - 78

Brandon Wright - 76

Vince Carter - 74

JaMychal Green - 73

James Ennis - 71

Troy Daniels - 70

Deyonta Davis - 69

Wade Baldwin IV - 69

Jarrell Martin - 69

Andrew Harrison - 68

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