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The Chip Williams Podcast with Jonah Jordan

Jonah Jordan of 247Sports joins the podcast to guess the week 4 college football lines.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Jonah Jordan, formerly of GBB and now currently of 247Sports, joins the podcast for a new weekly tradition of guessing the college football lines.

Each Sunday, Jonah and I are going to pick the four or five biggest games plus the Memphis and Tennessee games and try to guess what the line is going to be. Bill Simmons has something like this for the NFL, but we felt like college football was an underserved gambling community, and we're feeling philanthropic.

Without looking at the lines, we email our guesses to each other, and then see how far off we were and keep track of who wins each week. It was a ton of fun breaking down each game and explaining why we thought Vegas was wrong with each game except the one Jonah hit exactly.

We wrapped up the podcast by talking some Tiger football. Like always, we had of fun doing it, and the podcast even has intro music. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes.