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Top 11 Quotes from Memphis Grizzlies Media Day

Because 10 quotes just aren't enough, so I went the extra mile for you.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis Grizzlies Media Day 2016 has come and gone, but there was no shortage of great quotes from players. I've compiled some of my favorites into a top 11 list.

1. Troy Williams - "I'm excited about today - about wearing this jersey. I already sent a picture home to my mom so she could cry about it."

2. Tony Allen - "The last pickup game I played with (Marc Gasol), he hit six threes."

3. Tony Allen - "I got excited because coach said he's going to put me in some sets where I can be a playmaker instead of just sitting in the corner."

4. Tony Allen - *reporter starts off his question by saying, "Tony, you're one of the best defensive players in the NBA"* *Tony abruptly cuts the reporter off* "WHAT YOU SAID."

5. Jordan Adams - "All of the doctors I've seen told me I'll be able to return this season, but there's still no timetable."

6. Zach Randolph on national anthem protests - "I'm trying to come up with something right now. It's a situation that needs to be addressed."

7. Wade Baldwin IV - "I want to prove that the Memphis Grizzlies deserve to be in the Western Conference Finals, deserve to be in the NBA Finals, and whatever my part is in it is what I'll do."

8. Wade Baldwin IV - "I played with myself on 2K for the first time and scored 38 points."

9. Head coach David Fizdale "I want to institute a championship culture here. Carry yourself as a champion now, so when it happens, it's not a surprise."

10. Mike Conley - "Troy Daniels is an elite shooter. He holds all the records in our gym."

11. Tony Allen on coach David Fizdale - "He's been A-1 since day one."