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Marc Gasol says he feels "better than ever" coming into training camp

Big Spain is back, and he voiced that he feels better now than ever physically, which is a good sign for Memphis.

One of the biggest story lines coming into this season is the return of Marc Gasol after his devastating injury last season. Big Spain says it's been a "learning process" for him and said he was two weeks away from playing in the Summer Olympics for Spain. He hopes to be more consistent and a better player this season.

In terms of limiting his playing and practice time coming into this year, Gasol was definitely hesitant and said he and Coach Fizdale hadn't discussed minute limitations yet.

In regard to his injury, Gasol said, "there's days that you're higher," as well as days that you're low, but he assured that coming into training camp he feels "better than I've felt ever." He said he feels physically better than even two or three years ago, pre-injuries. He told the media that he'll be better overall than he was last year. It'll be interesting to see if we get All-Star Marc Gasol this year once again.

Memphis Grizzlies fans can only hope that Coach Fizdale and the new Grizzlies training staff will be careful with Gasol and not overwork him early. It sounds promising early on, but time will tell.

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