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The Chip Williams Podcast with Jonah Jordan

Jonah Jordan is back on the podcast to guess the college football lines and discuss Grind City Media.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Jonah Jordan of 247Sports and formerly of GBB is back for another week of guessing the college football lines. We spent the first hour of the podcast taking lots of college football including plenty of Tennessee and Memphis-Ole Miss talk.

After we made our guesses and determined our winner, we decided to continue the on-going discussion of Grind City Media. GBB's Chase Lucas wrote a piece which you can read here, and he joined Joe Mullinax on GBBLive which you can listen to here. I highly recommend both.

Jonah and I are both wading our way through the ever evolving sports journalism world, so we had a pretty good discussion on Grind City Media and the possible ramifications of its creation. If you want to skip the college football stuff and go to that, you can skip about the first hour. But I promise you the picks were great. Tennessee and Ole Miss-Memphis were the last two games we talked about, and those discussions began at the 40-minute mark.