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View from the Enemy: Memphis at Houston

Check out the hot takes from the Rockets fans.

View from the Enemy

The game started poorly for Memphis but ended least in the eyes of Grizzlies fans. There is another side to the story, the view from the enemy, according to Twitter sources and Houston Rockets SB Nation Blog The Dream Shake’s GameThread.


I know Tony Allen has been harassing Le Beard but I need Harden to have a strong game tonight.

Grizzlies usually present a difficult challenge. Rockets need a strong performance, they look to be in a bit of a midseason malaise.

Rockets have not lost two games in a row all season. Let's keep it that way.

it's going to be tough. Don't let Memphis muck it up and slow it down.

First half

That is a nice start. Let's go.

Anderson doing a great job defensively on Gasol.

Man James harden is guarding Gasol, and he's not even posting up.

Raining threes is way better than the rainstorm I was caught in earlier.

Ariza 3 in the face of Parsons. YEAH!!!

Man 90 million, and you’re putting up 2 points in 13 minutes.

Second half

Better get it together. Sick of losing to the Grizzlies.

I missed the day when I knew we had PG that'd dominate Mike Conley.

Damn Zbo hitting 3s on us.

Awesome defense by Brewer. How do you go under the screen on troy Daniels!

Missed layup by Brewer from 2 inches away from the basket. Wins tricked people into believing Brewer is competent.

Why has Brewer taken 3 of our last 4 shots? Are the Grizzlies forcing him to shoot?

We seem to miss a shit ton of open shots against the Grizz while they make every open shot, and a lot of contested ones.

At least they're missing their FTs.

Basically The Grizzles strategy tonight is foul as much as possible. And since they won’t call anything much, it’s working great.

I really really hate watching Memphis. It’s like getting your teeth drilled.

Why does Tony Allen have 22 fucking points?! Harden's defense has been Brewer level lately. The coaching staff needs to get on Harden.

I'd totally hack Tony Allen.

Daniels with the dagger.

We traded Daniels for Brewer.

After the game

Grizzlies are just better. They have a much better defense, are much better at rebounding, and have multiple playmakers we simply cannot guard.

Just not enough size to take on a team like Memphis.

The Grizz is just a terrible matchup for this team. Avoid at all cost imo for the playoffs.