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View From The Enemy: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Chicago Bulls

Recapping last night’s hot takes from the Bulls’ side of the draw.

View from the Enemy

Jimmy Butler just-so-mildly out-clutched the Memphis Grizzlies with a terrific fourth quarter performance that sealed his visiting Chicago Bulls’ good road win, 108-104, against a superior Memphis Grizzlies team. Jimmy G. Buckets, as Stacey King calls him on home broadcasts, had 9 of his team’s 13 final points in the game’s last four minutes and forty-two seconds.

But what was going through the heads and hearts of stressed out Bulls fans/reporters before, during, and after the ESPN nail-biter?



So much excitement over the Bulls’ mediocre backup center. WATCH OUT, DEYONTA DAVIS. CRISTIANO FELICIO IS COMING FOR YOU:

Below, you’ll find Rip Hamilton proving he hasn’t actually watched a Knicks or Grizzlies game this season — or a Bulls or Grizzlies game since 2013, for that matter:

This jerk from Pippen Ain’t Easy is thinking so short-term:

First quarter

Bulls reporters agree.. the Grizzlies really should win this game. Chicago finish the quarter having missed 11 of their last 12 shots from the field, in addition to the free-throw stat below, and yet.. the Grizz only finish the first quarter up 19-14.

Captain Obvious over here:

Second quarter

Here you’ll find Chicago Tribune Bulls beat reporter K.C. Johnson trying desperately to talk himself into back-up point guard Rajon Rondo not being a horrible waste of $14 million and change:

Sure, it was a nice pass, but come on, you guys. Calm down:

The simultaneous push-pull of supporting the slow-as-molasses Robin Lopez:

National media throwing shade on ESPN’s game selection tonight:

Fred Hoiberg in his infinite wisdom decided to start little-used second round German rookie Paul Zipser tonight. Midway through the second period, Doug McDermott has scored 15 in a row for the Bulls (he’ll wind up with 20 in the quarter alone, all told). That’s our Hoiberg!

#1 Bulls fan Dwyane Wade is apparently just enjoying the game and racking up All-Star votes from the comfort of his Chicago couch:

D-Wade is not the Bulls only Hall of Famer to notice Doug McBuckets having the best half of his NBA life.

Third quarter

Keeping things in perspective:

Gasol has 20 points with 7:22 left in the third. He’s averaging 19.3 points this season. Don’t think Bulls folk haven’t noticed.

CSN Chicago putting the damper on Bulls fans' second quarter vibes here in the third:

I cannot stress enough that Rajon Rondo signed a $29 million two-year contract this summer:

Fourth quarter

Doug McDermott, you the real MVP:

Elsewhere, the sheen of Rajon Rondo’s one cool bounce pass in the first half has worn off:

Grindfather doing work: has gotten into backhanded, passive-aggressive trolling, I see:


There is only one tweet I need to share with you here, one that perfectly encapsulates exactly how every Bulls fan watching this win — yes, win — felt after the game.

Again, that was the one Tweet that I needed to share with you. What follows below are just Tweets that I want to share with you. You’re welcome.

After several hours fraught with rampant fan chatter and trolling, Robin Lopez finally addresses that magnificent accidental face-pass.

Aaaand let’s just close out this whole Rondo conversation with some sage words from Jason Patt.

ESPN’s Nick Friedell documents the reason Jimmy Butler came alive in the fourth quarter and willed his team to the win: a trash-talking Grizz fan. Definite shades of MJ using random slights as inspiration.

...Adorable. One more:

This has been your View From The Enemy.

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