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GBBLive Preview: Memphis Grizzlies Rotations and Reclamations

What’s eating the Memphis Grizzlies?

GBBLive logo big Andrew Millen

After a big comeback win in Houston and a strange loss to Chicago in FedExForum, Memphis Grizzlies fans remain confused as to who exactly are the real Memphis Grizzlies. GBBLive this week tries to figure out just that. Listen to the show record live in the player below or by following this link.

Host Joe Mullinax welcomes Brandon Conner, GBB Features Writer, on to the program to discuss all things Grizzly. Is it Chandler Parsons' minutes restriction that may have a part in the current inconsistencies? Or the lack of a back-up point guard? The guys will break down this question and try to get to the bottom of what is ailing these Memphis Grizzlies.

All this and more on our latest episode of GBBLive. Be sure to follow the podcast on Twitter @GBBLive and subscribe to the podcast on ITunes! Tune in to listen to the live recording on BlogTalkRadio at 8 PM CT!