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View from the Enemy: Memphis at Washington

It was a walk in the park for the Wizards fans until the Grizzlies put the foot on the throttle in the second half

View from the Enemy

It was a tough test for Memphis against a team holding a 12 home game winning streak. The Grizzlies battled back once again after another forgettable first half giving up 66 points. They made the Washingtonians held their breath until the last second when James Ennis missed a three that would have tied the ball game. The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and Washington Wizards SB Nation Blog Bullets Forever’s GameThread.

Before the game

It will require the proverbial buzzer to buzzer commitment for the Wizards to win this one. Gortat, Morris, and Smith are critical here, because Memphis will turn invariably to Gasol and old Z-Bo when the thing is on the line in the fourth quarter.

Wall must outplay Conley.

Really looking forward to this one because we have to deal with a team that actually tries to 'd' it up for 48 mins which is a rarity these days.

Normally, this game screams loss. But I believe in our home crowd and I believe our guys are playing excellent at home.

It’s going to be a physical game and you will get fouled and not get the call at some point. Just go on to the next play, do not argue with the officials.

Stay out of early foul trouble. Where is Mahinmi when you need emmmm? Please Scotty do not play Nicholson like last time. I can’t take 24 mins of him getting torched by Z Bo.

First half

Go Wiz. Time to get 13 in a row.

Otto Pippen for three!

Otto cooking.

Otto came to play tonight boy.

You see Vince telling his teammate "watch that one!". LOL!

The bench expanding the lead is almost incomprehensible to me.....great to see.

If our bench ever played like this at the beginning of the season, we’d be sitting in 2nd lol.

Sitting Thornton was the changer of the season.

Tony Allen has 3 orebs? Who is guarding him.

Never gonna feel comfortable against a team with Z-Bo and Vince Carter.

Did Parsons just come back? I know he had season ending surgery last year but he looks way off.

Second half

Terrible start to the 3rd Q.

Grizz came back quick as hell.

4 on Tony Allen, thank god. Was about to bang my head against the wall if I saw him get one more offensive rebound.

Vince and z-bo are all-nba bald headband team.

ahahahahaha tony allen. so this is what they mean by tony allen doing tony allen things.

We getting demolished on the boards man. We're gonna lose because of these stupid offensive rebounds.

This game got me nervous as hell lol.

Refs are doing everything possible to keep Memphis in this game. The Wizards are doing everything in their power to achieve that, too.

I can't believe the only reason we are still winning is because the Memphis hasn't hit a shot the entire quarter.

Get the ball out of Gasol's hands force someone else to beat you.

Buh Bye Tony.


Gasol is burning Gortat’s ass up.

Everyone talk about the Spurs but the Grizzlies do not let up. They were supposed to be a lottery team.

Damn Conley is so silky...smh!

Ahhhhhh the scheduled John Wall takeover. Doing it all.

ok maybe we need to keep thornton on this team as a hype man.

Of course Vince Carter hits that.

Can you believe they drew that up and he made it? The original "Half man, Half Amazing!." Often imitated, never duplicated.

Come on really? I didn't realize your allowed to bear hug a player! WTF GASOL LEGIT WAS PIGGY BACK RIDDING HIM. All these refs need to be fired.

Thank goodness he didn't hit that.

After the game

I love how Gasol can bull his way to the rim, but he meets any resistance and it's a foul. F him and F the refs!

Should have said: Wizards hold off late Memphis charge and errant refs for a 104-101 win.

Wizards 8-29 from 3. Otto made 6 of them. He really saved their asses tonight. That was a Otto win right there.

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