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View from the Enemy: Memphis at Phoenix

The silver lining according to the Suns fans? They did not sign Parsons.

View from the Enemy

Memphis finally pulled a blowout win led by an outstanding Mike Conley. The Suns continue to struggle this season as their fans show desperation and a bit of humor too... The view from the enemy is built according to various Twitter sources and Phoenix Suns SB Nation Blog Bright side of the sun GameThread.

Before the game

GO Suns !!!! for the #2 pick…LOL.

I love the Rihanna and player intro, going to be awesome when we’re actually good.

Booker can save us.

First half

Watson called timeout after 90 seconds.

Lol Chandler Parsons $100m, Booker is on about $6m.

Len has to cover Gasol out to the arc, 40% this year.

Memphis is penetrating our defense at will.

Conley is just toying with us.

Anyone want to defend Conley, no? Alright then.

Parsons has cheated the system- The Sam Bradford of the NBA.

Really disappointed Book only got 1 shot attempt in the second quarter.

Second half

Since when did the grizzlies turn into the f****** warriors?

When you know u on national tv lol nice dunk chriss.

Memphis really putting the clamps on our gunner style scoring – Bledsoe, Booker, Knight 6/23.

I remember when Randolph punched Lou Amundson in the face. He could’ve ended Booker there if he wanted to.

Conley about to drop 40 on us, this is terrible.

Hey anyone remember Brandan Wright? He used to be our guy. He'd have the most effective 15-18 minute stretches ever for a backup big. Nice to see him on the court again.

After the game

There literally is nothing else to cheer for except Booker's arbitrary stat streak.

Chandler Parsons contract 4 years 94mil, good deal or bad deal? He must be the hero we need to raise our tank.

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