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GBBLive Recap: Rondo to Memphis?

Is it not as crazy as it sounds? Basketball Insiders’ Oliver Maroney was our guest on a new GBBLive.

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Could Rajon Rondo in Beale Street Blue really work?

Host Joe Mullinax and his guest, Senior NBA Writer for Basketball Insiders Oliver Maroney, discuss that idea and so much more on an all-new GBBLive podcast! Miss the live show recording Thursday night? Listen using this link, or simply click play in the player below!

Oliver feels that the Memphis Grizzlies does not need to make a move at or before the Trade Deadline, but Rondo could make sense for the right price (possibly). He and Joe also discussed the Chandler Parsons drama, whether or not the Grizzlies should race to get the four seed in the Western Conference, and plenty of other Memphis Grizzlies topics.

Be sure to follow the show on Twitter @GBBLive and make sure you subscribe to the podcast on ITunes so you never miss an episode! GBBLive next records live on BlogTalkRadio Thursday, January 12th at 8 PM CT.

Until then, Grind Forth, Grizz Nation, this is GBBLive!