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Memphis Grizzlies plan to waive Wade Baldwin and Rade Zagorac

The Grizzlies make their final moves of the season cutting Balwin and Zagorac.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies-Media Day Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

A Memphis Woj Bomb! Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN broke the news that Memphis plans to waive Wade Baldwin and Rade Zagorac before roster cutdown deadline today. These will be the last moves the Grizzlies plan to make this offseason.

For both of these players, it was the right move after seeing their summer league and preseason performances. Zagorac looked like he would never be able to keep up at an NBA speed. The transition from Europe did not treat him well. With Baldwin, the logjam at point guard was not in his favor. He did not make the strides in the offseason to show he was a more protectable player than Andrew Harrison.

What comes as a shock is the choice to cut ties with the 17th overall, first round draft pick from the 2016 Draft. This is the front office admitting the mistake with yet another blown draft pick. On the other side, it shows they are moving past it making the correct move to waive Baldwin.

Same with Zagorac. Another front office misstep thinking he would easily transition to the NBA. He signed a three-year deal this past summer and was cut a few months later. This is his breakdown in the guaranteed contract:

At the end of the day, these were solid moves to make for the current roster. The decisions to get these two players may not have been the best, but the fact the front office is saying they are wrong no matter the optics of it, is most definitely a good thing.

Season starts Wednesday!

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