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Memphis Grizzlies vs. New Orleans Pelicans GameThread

Let us basketball.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Game 1 of 82 is tonight! Your Memphis Grizzlies take on the New Orleans Pelicans at 7 PM CT! The game is in Memphis at FedExForum and can be seen on FOX Sports Southeast. 92.9 FM ESPN Memphis will have the radio call. As we begin another season together, we want you, the Memphis Grizzlies fan, to make the GameThread your own as a place where you can chat with other GBBers about the game as it happens. We just have to make sure we are doing it the right way.

Please refrain from using profane language or from posting any illegal streaming sites. Be respectful of one another and enjoy the game and the experience of being fans. We all love basketball and following the game and this team. Don’t be jerks to each other.

Thank you all for reading GBB. Our long basketball-less nightmare is over. It’s time to get back to Grizzness.