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Picking Out a Nickname for Dillon Brooks

The Grizzlies’ newest superstar needed a nickname, so we came up with a few suggestions.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, rookie and new Grizz Nation darling Dillon Brooks took over the Memphis GrizzliesTwitter account to answer questions from fans. There were some pretty amusing answers, as well as some that were more intriguing, like the one where a fan asked Brooks if he had a nickname:

Well, rookie, you're in luck. It just so happens that I have a knack for puns, and too much time on my hands, which is the perfect combination to cure what ails you. If it's a nickname Brooks needs, I've got a few suggestions for him.

Good for Any Occasion

Not all nicknames are created equal. Some names work better in specific situations. Take Marc Gasol, for example. You can call him Big Spain any time. But it’s those moments when he’s destroying an opponent in the post when he becomes Wendigo.

For Brooks, I’ve got a couple of options that work at any time.

Young Duck: A perfect mix of Brooks' college experience (University of Oregon) and his new home in Tennessee. The G in G Unit now stands for Grizzlies.

Babbling Brooks: Memphis is right next to the Mississippi River. I guess it works.

Dillon Dollar Baby: Shoutout to GBB alum Jonah Jordan for this one, which is perfect for someone who’s as much of a fighter as Brooks is.

Situational Nicknames

We’ve also got a couple of more specific nicknames that work in certain situations.

Canadian Bakin': Brooks is originally from Canada. This is perfect when he's cooking on the court. (In America, this just means that he goes HAM.)

Brookie of the Year: Good for this season only.

Duck Dunk Goose: Perfect for when he yams on someone.

Lob Dillon: My personal favorite. Folks will love when Brooks is setting up (or finishing) an alley-oop.

SLOB/BLOB Dillon: When he's running sideline or baseline out of bounds plays.

Dealin' Brooks: The perfect moniker for when Brooks is picking up assists.

Hopefully Brooks continues to impress on the court, which will give us plenty of time to settle on which nickname works best for the Grizzlies’ future MVP.

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