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View From the Enemy: Memphis at Houston

Rockets fans were extremely unhappy with the officiating.

View from the Enemy

The Memphis Grizzlies came back from behind to beat the Houston Rockets after being down by double digits in the fourth quarter. The Grizzlies ended the game with a 20-2 run and continue their hot start with a 3-0 record.

Much like the Golden State Warriors last Saturday, the Houston Rockets strongly complained about the officiating. Their fans were not happy about it while acknowledging that they did not play their best basketball either.

Before the Game

Life won’t last long in the paint tonight, and their bench is holding their own so far. Hit the 3, then get ready for this road trip.

First real test since the opener. Memphis is a very talented squad. Not to be taken lightly. They’ve gotten more athletic and are better at spacing.

First Half

Good to see Ryno ready to go.

The Rockets are damn good.

And our close second best player isn’t even playing.

Gasol is so good.

Harden enters the game = Rockets go on run

Defense has been pretty great considering the circumstances. Not much they can do when the coaches insist on switching guards onto bigs and the refs give Memphis 19 FTs at the half (they’ve only missed one).

The refs are the real reason conley grew his hair out. gives the refs a signal that he’s thrown his head back and therefore a foul must have occurred. He should go for the Elfrid Payton hairdo.

Second Half

Parsons actually had some arc on that 3, did he change his jumper?

This game is starting to be unwatchable

This ref is getting on my nerves

Chandler Parsons Project pushed off

I hate playing the Grizz

Harden hooked Conley's arm on that. LoL

Memphis like gum on your shoe They keep sticking around.

We stopped running plays Everything now is just a harden pick n roll.

I've never seen harden that upset and actually push someone like that during a game. Wow.

Why the hell is the ref in the middle of a passing lane?

Well good job refs, you handed the game to the Grizzlies.

I’ve never been more upset with officiating in a game in my life its a whistle every possession. ruining flow. ticky tack shit all game. everything controversial is against houston

No wonder KD and Steph got tossed last game against Memphis.

the big run was the refs.

After the Game

They may have themselves mainly to blame but they certainly can put some part of the blame on poor officiating.

I feel like the league need to start holding the refs accountable for screwing up this bad.

The final foul tally was Rockets: 31 Grizzlies: 21. The discrepancy alone doesn’t do the awfulness of the officiating justice. Most were touch fouls or not fouls at all (like the Conley one at mid court) and they completely changed the pace of the game to fit Memphis’ style.

It’s hard to get anything going when the game grinds to halt every possession. 37 FTs to Memphis. Completely ridiculous.

We shot 23.9% from 3's and still had a 12 pt lead in the 4th.

If you can't outshoot memphis from 3 you deserve to lose to be honest.

We are going to play the Grizzlies 3 more times in the next month.

They needed the officials and us having a terrible offensive night to win. I want at least 2 blowouts in the next 3 games.

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