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The View from the Enemy: Memphis vs Houston

"It was really nice of Chandler Parsons to wait until tonight to look like Michael Jordan."

View from the Enemy

In a game where Marc Gasol and Mike Conley did not have it going, the Grizzlies' bench players delivered. Led by Chandler Parsons, Memphis beat the Houston Rockets for the second time this season.

Rockets fans suffered watching the Chandler Parsons show who had 24 points, shooting 9 of 11 from the field. The former Rocket player had himself a night in his best game in a Memphis Grizzlies uniform.

Before the game

I'm giving the Rockets little to no chance tonight.

Rockets will play Memphis 70 times in the next two weeks.

I liked the Rockets decision against Charlotte, which is a team a lot like Memphis (except without a great two way center). Basically refused to get mauled trying to score inside, let the game become a scrum. Just 3 pted them to death.

During the game


We've built a double digit lead quickly. We have to keep this up while we can before their fatigue catches up to them.

Stupid Parsons. And his stupid face.

So Parsons isn’t gonna miss tonight…that’s fun.

Grizz on a 13-5 run to cut 10-point lead to two. Parsons 4 of 4 for 10 points in 2:48.

Man, you really can't drive in against the Grizz. Chances are you're going to get stripped or they'll tip/deflect passes.

Seriously f*** Chandler Parsons.

oo boy Chandler Parson carving us up.

Grizz are making the Rockets look like a high school offense right now.

It was really nice of Chandler Parsons to wait until tonight to look like Michael Jordan. Hope his knee flares up and gets booed the rest of his home games.

Brooks has been solid defensively on Harden.

After the game

Congratulations, Memphis. You beat us without 2 of our best 3 players and a loser from your team hit all the trash he threw up. Enjoy being the 5 seed this year and losing in the first round.

Not much you can do without EG, CP3, and Harden sloppy on a back to back against the Grizz.