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View from the Enemy: Memphis vs Charlotte

Kemba Walker: "We got lucky a few times. Mike (Conley) missed some open 3s he normally makes."

View from the Enemy

The Grizzlies lost at home against Charlotte after giving away a double digit lead in the second half. Memphis did not execute well offensively in the fourth quarter and shot a paltry 23 percent from the perimeter. Gasol and Conley had another off night.

Hornets fans praised their team defense, but also acknowledged Memphis's offensive struggles when they, for instance, missed open shots.

Before the game

Gasol with an ankle issue. I didn’t like the matchup before. I do now.

During the game

Dwight getting pulled out by gasol early.

5 second chance points out of 9. Gotta get that fixed.

Missed calls everywhere on both sides early.

All Kemba and Lamb so far.

I guess it was too much wishful thinking to expect the bees to eventually sting the bear to death?

Kemba brought us back real fast.

Memphis defends the paint as good as anyone. We need to pull-up and take more short range jump shots.

Paging Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard are you in the building tonight?

I feel like Memphis has shot free throws every possession.

We're in this boys!

We have the best defense in the NBA.

Bring us home, Kemba.

After the game

Frustrating game... Big win. Way to hang in there.

The Grizzlies shot 34% from the field and 23% from three tonight. On their court.

Game keys: 1) great defense 2) control of the boards 3) timely takeover by Kemba & Malik’s mini streak.

Kemba Walker: "We got lucky a few times. Mike (Conley) missed some open 3s he normally makes."